Roulette numbers – what’s your lucky number?

The classic casino game of chance, where risk and reward are delivered to players in equal measure. We are of course talking about Roulette. The origins of the game may date back as far as the 17th century, but the game has evolved through the inception of online casinos. These days, it’s not only the traditional versions of Roulette that can be played, but themed and jackpot games, as well as those with additional rules or features which provide Roulette fans with a richer experience. 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the differences between the tables and positions of Roulette wheel numbers. It’s the latter we will look at in this post – as some players believe in hot and favorite numbers. The brain is a funny thing, and if we have an association with a particular number, we are likely to choose that – whether it’s Roulette, Lotto or any other game. What’s your lucky number? Here are some of the most common ones.

It’s almost ironic that Blaise Pascal invented the primitive form of the Roulette wheel through his perpetual motion machine in the 17th century, and the number 17 is considered a lucky or favorite number. It could be based upon its position on the table, centrally-located, so it catches the eye. But the number 17 has etched its way into casino and Roulette folklore by being a winning one, on multiple occasions. Not least, there’s the story about James Bond actor Sean Connery landing a remarkable trio of successive spins on the number 17.

Another casino favorite is the number 7. Long considered a lucky number, you only need to look back at one of the earliest forms of slot machines that featured a row of lucky 7s across its reels. Interestingly, there are many different things that fall into groups of 7: days of the week, colors of the rainbow, continents of the world, and so on. There’s also a theory that prime numbers are supposedly favored more by players – and of course, both numbers 7 and 17 fall into that category. 

They say “Three is the magic number” and there’s a phrase in Latin that goes “omne trium perfectum” – which translates to ‘everything that comes in threes is perfect’. This makes the number 3 a lucky number in the world of Roulette, with players believing if they select the number and it lands, everything has fallen into place and is ultimately perfect. It would be pretty perfect landing a windfall while playing our favorite casino game, that’s for sure! Again, the pattern continues, as 3 is a prime number.

Other double-digit numbers that appear to be lucky are those with the same reoccurring number, for example 11, 22, and 33. This could come down to the idea that a number is so lucky, if it appears twice, you double your luck and chances. For example, players that love the number 3 will also favor the number 33. Strangely, there’s a correlation between these numbers in Roulette and the game of Bingo. The iconic ball calls that are announced with these numbers are recognized by everyone – even non-fans of the game!

Let’s not tempt fate by delving too much into unlucky numbers, but the most common ones are 6 and 13. The latter has long been considered unlucky in superstitious circles for example, Friday 13th

Roulette is known as the ‘Devil’s wheel’ and if you add every single number on the wheel up, the total sum is 666 – the mark of the beast. Ultimately, players believe that 6 is unlucky, based on their beliefs. 

Whether it’s a birthday or other special occasion date, part of your phone number or car registration, lucky numbers are just that – and remember that Roulette is always a game of chance.