Latest Digital Trends in Purchasing Smart Vehicles

By 2025, the global connected cars market is expected to value at 84.2 million units,  according to Market Watch. The automotive industry is evolving at an incredible pace due to technological advancement. The growth of mobile technology and IoT, for instance, has changed how we drive and spend time in the car.

Automakers are collaborating with major tech companies to produce the best technologies. As a result, self-driving and electric cars are becoming a reality of how people used to  imagine vehicles of the future would function.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Car Buying 

Studies show that 87% of car buyers are hesitant to visit dealerships due to pressure and aggressive negotiations. Fortunately, new technologies in the industry are enhancing the customer experience. You can start your shopping process by  evaluating automobile similarities and differences online. After finding a car with ideal features, an affordable price, and high-performance rating, you can test drive virtually.

Thanks to  augmented and virtual reality in auto dealerships, consumers can view and experience the technical features of a car in a way that they understand. These technologies allow buyers to alter the vehicle by making changes in paint, remove, or add features based on their preferences. Besides improving customer experience, both AR and VR can save time, increase traffic, reduce costs, and boost competition.

Electric Vehicles Gain Popularity

Many people are shifting from conventional internal combustion engines to hybrid-electric vehicles to encourage sustainability in the automobile industry. There are several reasons why electric cars are the perfect choice for today’s consumers. These vehicles  are not only energy-efficient but also produce zero carbon, thus preventing climate change. Even though the percentage of electric vehicles on the roads is low, the future seems promising.

Tech Integration in New Models 

Carmakers and tech companies are integrating advanced technologies that are more sophisticated to enhance comfort and safety. What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to invest in a luxury brand to enjoy  the latest automobile features and technology. New cars, even those considered affordable options come with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, smart parking assist, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and voice command to mention a few.

Automobile technology is improving car performance through predictive maintenance. With telematics, car owners can seek solutions to potential problems before they become hazards. This feature detects possible mechanical failures and alerts you in real-time. Not to mention, telematics can also help you track mileage, time, and location.