6 Most Common Superstitions Among Gamblers

Image Source: Pixabay

Gamblers are a fairly superstitious group on the whole, using various techniques to influence their luck and give them a better chance of winning, even if there is no logical reason that one strategy will work better than another.

While plenty of gamblers have superstitions and rituals that are unique to them, there are some more popular beliefs that are shared by lots of players. Here are just a few of the most common superstitions from across the globe which influence gamblers.

Chip-counting is a bad omen

Although you might think that gamblers will always want to keep on top of just how much cash they have to play with, it is a general rule that counting chips while playing a table game in a casino setting is not acceptable.

Part of the reason for this is the superstition that you will invite bad luck by doing this in front of other players, but it is also seen as bad etiquette in most places, so there is a two-pronged reason to avoid doing this.

The good news is that when enjoying online casino games, which you can play here, the chip counting is handled automatically so you can focus on making your next move.

7 is lucky, 13 is unlucky

There are actually a variety of different lucky and unlucky numbers across different cultures, meaning that there is no hard and fast rule for which digits will be seen as positive or negative in a gambling context. However, the mistrust of the number 13 has permeated most regions, while the love of the number 7 is pretty much universal.

While there are complex reasons behind 13’s unlucky status, the popularity of 7 as a lucky charm amongst gamblers is fairly straightforward, since over the years it has been used to represent high paying outcomes in slot machines, as well as being influential in certain card games.

Entering a casino indirectly is sensible

It might seem odd to avoid using the main entryway to a casino when visiting, but lots of gamblers prefer to use secondary doors whenever the opportunity arises.

The origins of this superstition are up for debate, but it may have something to do with the way that one of the classic Las Vegas casinos was designed way back in the day, with punters being put off the idea of entering through an especially ornate doorway.

Avert your eyes for success

They say a watched pot never boils, and lots of gamblers think that the same rule applies to the games they play, as they prefer to look away after they play their hand, cast the die or pull the slot machine’s lever, rather than keep their eyes on the prize.

As is always the case, there are others who prefer to take completely the opposite approach, fixing their gaze on the screen or the table and trying to will the desired result to occur with a piercing glare.

Since the interplay between chance and randomness is difficult for most people to grasp, clinging onto simple superstitions like this one is much simpler and more appealing.

Touching others is tricky

Gambling with others can be a crowded experience, with players clustered around a small table, occupying rooms which are filled with other people milling about. If you are passing through a land-based casino, it is a good idea to avoid touching any other player on the shoulder, because this is seen as being likely to cause disaster for them.

Of course if you happen to be in the Philippines, then you could be encouraged to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach if you want to boost your luck in a casino, as this is a superstition that is specific to this region. The only challenge is finding someone who is pregnant and also still keen to go gambling.

Keep everything crossed if possible

Finally one of the most common gambling superstitions globally is that crossing your fingers will lead to lucky outcomes when gambling. You can also cross your legs, but some think that this negates luckiness acquired through other superstitious rituals, so it is an either-or situation.