How to Remove Facial Spider Veins

Everyone desires bright, healthy skin. This is especially true for facial skin. However, there may be times you notice visible blue or thin red lines appearing on specific areas of your face. These are signs that you have facial veins. Facial veins are also called spider veins, and they are inflated vessels of your blood. You should seek spider vein removal as soon as possible. 

To prevent the mild discomfort associated with facial veins, you need to learn the major causes of facial veins. Reading through this article will give you knowledge of the factors that constitute these facial veins causes. You will also understand the necessary steps to take to remove your facial veins. Some consider their nature to be cosmetic, and you can quickly fix them with the help of a medical aesthetician.

First, you need to extensively understand what spider veins are before going into their removal processes. Some people confuse spider veins and varicose veins together. We differentiate them by two factors. These factors are the differences in their dilated blood vessels size and the skin surface’s proximity.

What are facial veins?

Medically, facial veins are known as “Telangiectasia.” They are capillary blood vessels beneath your skin which are broken. Having fair or light-colour skin makes facial veins more noticeable. They are mostly visible under your eyes, around your nose, on your cheeks, and other common areas of the face.

Spider veins are so called because they resemble small spider webs. They are seen as purple, blue or red veins. While they can occur in any part of the body, they are especially noticeable on your face. Both women and men can be affected by this skin problem. Fortunately, these veins themselves are not harmful.

Spider veins are mainly blood vessels functioning abnormally. This is because they have become enlarged and clogged. To analyze this process of enlargement, we will examine how our veins work.

The responsibility of the heart is to pump blood to every area of our body. By doing so, it supplies nutrients and oxygen which our system needs for survival.  Arteries are the means through which blood is carried to every part of the body. Veins, on the other hand, are valves which transport blood back to our heart. Have veins suddenly begin to appear on your face? Well, here is your chance to know the causes of facial veins.

What are the causes of facial veins?

Some people are more susceptible to developing facial veins than others. Facial veins can occur on anyone irrespective of their age. This includes children. The risk of getting them depends on the precise cause you are susceptible to. Still, the causes of facial veins are different from when they occur elsewhere on the body. Here are a few causes of facial veins:

As we age, the blood vessels get thinner and weaker. This causes the old skin to show spider veins more noticeably. Also, aging capillaries are more prone to breakage when you compare them to young capillaries. This can lead to the incidence of spider veins.

Venous deficiency

This happens as a result of a defect in the “backflow” in your veins. This causes pressure to increase and damages your vessel walls. This deficiency can arise from prolonged inflammation, obesity, and high blood pressure. Washing or rubbing your face too hard can also cause facial veins.

When your estrogen levels increase during your pregnancy, it can cause your vein walls to weaken. Your blood level is high at this period and this causes an enlargement of weak veins. Subsequently, it leads to blood amassing in your veins. Your enlarged uterus may also play an indirect part in the development of facial veins.  

Free radicals
Free radicals cause oxidative breakdown to your blood vessels. Excess exposure to the sun can lead to spider veins on your face or under your eyes due to the presence of free radicals. Smoking cigarettes cause you to age prematurely. It also prolongs the repair of your blood vessels. Through sunburns, your skin’s top layer peels off, enhancing the visibility of spider veins on your face.

Rosacea is a common skin condition which results in excess flushing and redness. This leads to breaking of blood vessels. Therefore, it is not surprising for anyone with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea to also have facial veins.

Alcohol consumption
If your consumption of alcohol is not occasional or moderate, it can cause your skin to flush consistently. Heavy alcohol and binge drinking can lead to facial veins in the long run.

Having minor or significant injuries may lead to bruises. With these bruises on the face, broken blood vessels can become evident.

Sneezing or vomiting
Extreme or sudden pressure to your face due to severe vomiting or violent sneezing can cause blood vessels to break in your skin.

Your daily choices have effects on the correct operation of your veins, and how they can repair themselves. Lifestyle factors such as eyestrain, insomnia, stress and lack of exercises all affect health negatively. Consequently, spider veins may emerge as a result of these choices.

Genetics and heredity
For reasons unknown, facial veins tend to run within families. The risk factors of an individual also increase as you age.

Other causes of facial veins include:

  • Consumption of birth control pills
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy. 

Also, descendants of Northern Europeans allegedly have a high prevalence of facial veins.

Treatments to remove facial veins

There is no cure for facial veins, but you can treat the condition. To remove facial veins, doctors often strategize on treatment plans according to your diagnostic result tests. For instance, if rosacea or acne is the cause of your facial veins, the cosmetic injector may prescribe a topical or oral antibiotic.

Many people who suffer from spider veins choose to remove them for cosmetic purposes. Also, they do so because of the discomfort facial veins can cause. Medical aestheticians also use sclerotherapy, laser therapy, excision surgery, and other treatments to remove facial veins.

Laser therapy
Laser therapy invades minimally and is generally a straightforward kind of treatment for broken capillaries and facial veins. Performing laser ablation can help seal your white blood vessels. The procedure will not cause you a lot of pain. It also has a short recovery span.

For over two decades, medical professionals have used laser therapy for spider veins removal. Light wavelengths are used to destroy targeted blood vessels without impacting on the surrounding skin. This process lasts for about fifteen minutes and produces quick results. The procedure is quick and immediately improves your appearance by more than ten percent.

Side effects of laser treatments
The side effects of employing laser therapy to remove facial veins are numerous. They include:

  • Occasional bruising
  • Temporary discoloration
  • Crusting
  • Skin redness

The best part about these side effects is that they usually disappear on their own within a day or two. 


Using Sclerotherapy to remove facial veins is a more effective method for large veins. Hence, it is the recommended removal method if you have spider veins on your legs. This is a kind of therapy where a cosmetic injector injects chemical solution or salt water into such veins. The veins will then harden and remove.

This treatment is effective but may take a while to reach completion. Also, insurance companies hardly cover this process. This is because most of them consider spider or facial veins to be naturally cosmetic. Therefore, the treatment may be expensive. A single injection can treat one inch of your seam. Finally, you may require between three and thirty doses, according to the size or location of the spider veins.

If the treatment is performed at low intensities, it will not require you to remain in a hospital. There usually is no need for anesthesia or extended recovery time. Sclerotherapy is a great option if your spider veins are more significant than the customary broken capillaries.

IPL treatment
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is another way to remove facial veins. This therapy uses broadband light instead of focused light. It causes little or no irritation.

Investigate electro-surgery 

During this treatment, a cosmetic injector administers electric current with a hand needle to the spider veins. The resultant effect is the destruction of enlarged blood vessels. Compared to IPL therapy and laser therapy, investigative electro surgery is more painful and may cause small scabs.

Other treatment options

Medical solutions and surgeries are not the only available options for the removal of facial veins. There are also natural remedies which are helpful to minimize the visibility and size of facial veins. They are:

Horse chestnut
Horse chestnut is a natural remedy which is effective and frequently used to reduce the incidence of facial veins. Horse chestnut constitutes distinctive anti-inflammatory properties. These properties assist your veins in improving blood circulation. They also regulate the proper functions of your capillaries. If this is taken periodically, it can significantly decrease facial veins.

Butcher’s broom
This is a common herbal remedy which helps to remove facial veins that are not so evident on the skin. It is a healing method that will strengthen your veins and increase the circulation of blood in your system. This herb also treats other health issues, including hemorrhoids, blood clots, circulatory disorders, and arteriosclerosis.

Research shows diosmin to be very efficient when treating varicose veins in legs and on faces. It is a high antioxidant that enhances the vein elasticity. It is a natural supplement which can be taken every day to help reduce the appearance of spider veins.

Healthy Diet
Your daily food consumption has effects on the appearance of facial veins. Your intake of vegetables and fruits are crucial to regulating the functions of your body. They help in eliminating any circulatory disturbance.

For example, citrus fruits are vital nutrients that support your blood’s circulatory functions. Also, they maintain your general wellness. Green vegetables are necessary for strengthening your veins and promoting their health.

Witch hazel
Witch hazel has astringent properties. They are a great way to reduce the appearance of facial veins. Previous research shows that it energizes the blood vessels. To use the witch hazel remedy, dip a little cotton wool into the witch hazel solution. Then apply it on the affected places. Repeat this action many times till you notice an improvement in the appearance of facial veins.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is not only beneficial in improving skin quality, but it is also a natural remedy. It is competent enough to diminish veins in the legs and face. 

For several years, apple cider vinegar has been known for being reliable in treating a range of skin defects. These skin defects include acne scarring, acne blemishes, liver spots, and facial veins. To get excellent results, you can consume it or apply it topically to the affected regions on your face.

Originally, bilberry was used to treat throat and mouth inflammation, diabetes, eye problems, diarrhea, and poor circulation. However, research has found that is also useful for the removal of spider veins because of how it promotes blood circulation. Furthermore, it is rich in tannins, phenolic acid, proanthocyanidins, and flavonoids.

When you use bilberry to remove facial veins, take about 30 milligrams of its extract twice or thrice a day. It is recommended that you do not take bilberry if you are on blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory medications. Also, mix your bilberry intake with a percentage of anthocyanidins.

Ginkgo Biloba
They are suitable for energizing tissues which form the walls of your blood vessels. It widens these vessels and helps to increase your blood flow. It assists with the oxygenation of tissues and boosts blood circulation. You should use the extract from the herb. Just take about 100-130 milligram of the extract, about 2-4 times daily.

Using natural remedies can be an experimental solution. What works for others may not work for you. Additionally, it is also possible that these remedies may cause unwanted reactions when applied to your skin. We advise that you consult with a medical aesthetician before deciding on any treatment scheme. After due examination, they will be able to determine the best course of action for you.

What you should expect during facial vein removal

Many people describe the sensation of pain during the removal of facial veins as a snap of rubber band to their skin. No substantial recovery period or downtime is necessary. You can always return to your work or normal activities almost immediately.

However, your skin may become redder after your treatment, but it is nothing a little makeup can’t cover. You may have some slight inflammation and bruising, or even scabs. Some people become susceptible to sunburns after the treatment process. Therefore it is important that you use sunscreen following the procedure. 

If you feel quite uncomfortable after the treatment, you should apply an ice pack on the areas or take a painkiller. Within a short while, the discomfort and redness will start to disappear. Then your skin will be more transparent and brighter, with fewer facial veins.Most people require at least three treatments and up to five treatments every four weeks to remove facial veins. 

General benefits of facial veins removal

The benefits of removing facial veins include:

  • More beautiful and clearer skin
  • Reduces your risk of contracting diseases related to facial veins
  • Improves the quality of your health
  • Eliminates the discomfort associated with facial veins

Healthy lifestyle tips to maintain radiant skin

Your day-to-day way of life has a significant influence on your wellbeing. Not just in the removal facial veins, but for every other aspect of your wellness! By following these easy tips, you will able to boost your skin’s quality. 

Maintain an anti-aging diet
Stick with foods that will help you to keep looking young. Eat your food at the right time and do not consume excessively. Your deserts should constitute fruits that will nourish your body and make your skin fresh

Get adequate sleep every night
Many people do not get sufficient rest in a day. Notwithstanding your busy schedule, you should plan to sleep at the right time, for an average of six to eight hours a day. By doing so, you wake up with a clearer mind and energy to start your day. This will also allow your body system to function more effectively.

Stay hydrated all through the day
You may not see the need to drink enough water, but hydration is a critical element of blood circulation. Apart from facial veins, drinking water reduces the risk of kidney stones and other diseases. These are the damages dehydration can cause to your health.

Make exercises a priority
Ensure you find time for exercises. Thirty minutes a day, thrice a week is goes a long way in maintaining your fitness. Facial veins can altogether be avoided when you exercise regularly.

Your skin is a vital part of your body. Hence, conditions like facial veins should not be allowed to stay. Contact our experienced consultants, and we will take you through a smooth journey of skin care!