The List of Best Marijuana Stocks – Which One You Should Pick?

Marijuana has become a worldwide phenomena as more regions around the world pass laws that are a little more weed-friendly.

We can see that cannabis will no longer just be used for medical purposes, but it will end up being used for recreational purposes as well. The potential for growth is there, and that is why young and experienced investors are setting their eyes on weed.

The only thing you have to figure out is which stock is the best one to choose. The following are a few options you can consider, depending on what you want.

Aurora Cannabis

When it comes to recognizable and powerful names in the marijuana industry, there aren’t many that could be compared to Aurora Cannabis.

The company has seen ups and downs, which has made seasoned investors a little wary about investing in this company, but its power is still there. This is a company that despite its success, continues to take major risks regarding operation and production.

Some of these risks were proven effective while others were not.

Part of the reason investors don’t like this company is because they do not always make their intentions known. Still, for those willing to take a risk, this is definitely one company worth betting on.

Cronos Group

Cronos is another investment opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored. To many, this stock represents steady growth and stability like no other company.

Part of the reason this is true is because Altria has invested a considerable amount into this company. Altria now owns about 45 percent of Cronos, making it a pretty sustainable company.

Of course, most investors have heard of Altria, but those who don’t may know the company that it represents: Marlboro. The stability this stock represents is part of the reason it can sometimes be difficult to sniff out a good deal on the stocks, but that doesn’t mean a little patience can’t go a long way.

It should also be pointed out that people who have a philosophical issue with tobacco industry giants like Marlboro recoil after learning about its involvement with this emerging company.

The profits seem low, but the company seems to be focused on getting into the US marijuana industry when its hot as more states continue to legalize it.

Just recently, the company purchased Lord Jones, a company focused on hemp and CBD beauty products. A purchase like this one, among others, is allowing this company to position itself for major growth spikes as US states continue to get enlightened, which is what some investors are attracted to.

Canopy Growth

When forming a good marijuana stocks list to invest in, an investor should include Canopy Growth. Like many other stocks, this one has seen ups and downs that have encouraged some investors to flee, but those who are in it for the long run have decided to stay with the company.

Yes, at the moment the company has lost its lead in Canada’s recreational market, but that does not mean Canopy Growth is not finding ways to move ahead. One major step it has taken is in the US cannabis market.

The marijuana industry has planted only a few seeds throughout the US, but it is clear there is potential. Part of what tells everyone this company is ready to make major moves in the United States is the recent merger that occurred between this company and Acreage Holdings.

When it comes to major multi-state cannabis operators, there are only a few that could compare to the power of Acreage Holdings.

Now, this cannabis operating company has the backing of one of the leading recreational marijuana product distributors, and they are ready to take the US by storm.


Tilray has taken a pounding in the stock market lately. It has created a lot of turmoil in the company, and it has made a number of investors question their investment.

This has also opened up an opportunity for investors who want to buy into the company at a good price since there is a little mistrust forming against the company, which is reflected in the company’s stocks.

Part of what makes this company worthwhile is what it is doing in the United States.

The company just purchased Manitoba Harvest, which is considered one of the largest hemp-based food companies. Tilray wants to expand its CBD food and drinks business, and this is one step forward in that direction. With Manitoba Harvest’s help, taking over this part of the market in the United States should be a lot easier.

Investors who are still sticking with Tilray are there because the company seems to have a vision, and young investors see this company as a legitimate way of getting some skin in the game.

These are just some of the companies worth paying attention to in the cannabis industry, but there are many others. Pay close attention to each company, and see the bigger picture.

It is not only about profits as some companies are investing in future gains rather than short-term gains. Look at the company’s vision, their mergers, and the company’s overall culture before making a decision.