What is the European Poker Tour?

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is one of the most anticipated poker tournaments hosted by the notorious online brand, PokerStars. The tour consists of a series of tournaments much akin to the World Poker Tour where players compete in a number of games to become the ultimate champion. The table seats 8 players, which is 2 more than the World Poker Tour seats, thus increasing the competition and upping the stakes. Many online casino’s will offer poker tournaments called satellites, these offer players the chance to qualify online for the European Poker Tour. You can use the PlayUK slots app to find out more information about qualifying online.

When did the European Poker Tour Begin

The EPT began over a decade ago in 2004 when Texas Hold’Em became a sensational poker trend amongst gamblers and poker enthusiasts. Now the entire tournament is recorded and aired across the entire European continent. When the EPT began, the buy-in was substantially lower than it currently stands at today and it wasn’t until the 4th season that it increased. The higher fee was charged to the increasing popularity and lack of space at contributing casinos.

The EPT Television Show

Since the first tournament, every subsequent tournament has been recorded and aired as a season. Each season follows the players across Europe and was initially hosted by Caroline Flack who then teamed up with Natalie Pinkham. By the time season 4 was aired, it became apparent that only female presenters would host the show and that was when Kara Scott took over the next two seasons. Since then, it has been difficult to say who would host the following season or if the current hosts would remain for the next EPT.

2018 European Poker Tour

The 2018 EPT was held in a four countries across Europe – Sochi, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Prague. The opening of the tournament is held over a period of a few days and allows players to compete for a Platinum Pass to the PokerStars NL Hold’Em Championship (PSPC) valued at $30 000. The package includes accommodation, free entrance to the event, flight and travel expenses and more. During each event, players can compete for a platinum pass, making the game all that more exciting for competitors.

EPT Concluded

Although not as high profiled as WSOP (World Series of Poker) or as the World Poker Tour for the actual competitors, the European Poker Tour is one of the most festive poker events held in four of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Onlookers stand to win accommodation and access to these exclusive events, attracting a massive following. As fans can follow the tournament on television, it has also become one of the most anticipated tournaments in the industry and spectators have a better understanding as to what to expect from the tournament.

Following the poker champions from one country to the next also allows spectators to view the festival that each country hosts. The events are lively and hold much excitement for all those involved. Voted as one of the most exciting poker events, the European Poker Tournament is guaranteed to have a lifelong occurrence throughout beautiful European countries, hosted by attractive women and providing the perfect platform for elite poker players all competing for the championship title.