What Would You Spend Your Online Casino Winnings On? 10 Must Have Purchases

While the likes of Lotto winners around the world grab the majority of the gambling-related headlines with stories of multi-million pound jackpot scoops, that’s not to say you can’t win big with online casinos if you play your cards right. Only we’re not talking about just cards (played right or otherwise), because there’s a host of online casino games you can be playing right now which could, ultimately lead to your fame and – smaller – fortune. Well, the fortune bit, anyway.

Nobody really wants to have their face plastered across the newspapers, TV networks and/or internet in relation to sizable jackpot wins these days, for fear of attracting the wrong sort of attention from unscrupulous types. Financial ‘advisors’, pleading letters, scam artists and the like, all of whom wish to have, if not a piece of you, then a significant percentage of your winnings to help bankroll their own agendas.

Browsing the back catalogue of micro-gaming jackpot winners in recent times, and an awful lot of Scandinavian winners of the big bucks stand out, although Greece, Australia and the UK have seen online casino game players walk away with huge wins after striking it lucky with the virtual slots.

With regards to the latter country, in 2015 a 26-year old solder from Cheshire bagged a whopping £13.2 million, thanks to the widely-celebrated (not to mention, widely-played) Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot. An impressive return for someone who was playing for 25p a spin at the time of his mega pay-out. A figure larger than many Lotto winners hold aloft a fake cheque inscribed with when they go public and attend the subsequent photoshoot opportunity with the lottery provider a few weeks after the event.

Online Casino Jackpots Vs Lotto Wins

Proof that you can experience a lifestyle-changing win while playing online casino games pretty much anywhere in the world was further underlined in November last year, when a German player walked away (from their own mobile tech devise, anyway) with a more-than-useful 4 million Euros after successfully claiming a Mega Fortune Jackpot. This really is surprising as online casinos are actually banned in Germany, however, you can still access them online as long as the online casino is based in another country. Here in 2018 there are numerous ways to land an eye-watering top prize when playing a variety of online casino games, any one of which could prove to be a pivotal point in your life and times.

Plus, where else are you afforded the opportunity to win vast sums of money from the comfort of your own home, and moreover the familiar surroundings of your own laptop, tablet or even smartphone for that matter, lotto aside. Bear in mind however the odds are far more favorable for online casino players when it comes to prize breakdowns too. And don’t forget how much your average lotto ticket costs compared to the virtual slots, if you’re keen to do the appropriate math.  

Of course there are those who’ll argue that the top prizes dished out in online casinos are historically eclipsed by those handed out to some lotto winners (they’ll be referring to some of the US Powerball winners who can, hypothetically scoop 100s of millions for matching a collection of numbered balls drawn from a physical machine), but the fact of the matter remains that on average the chances of securing a notable win as a result of playing online casino games is statistically greater. Besides which, there’s an almost infinite amount of things you can quite easily blow a few million on (if you choose not to invest heavily and instead, you know, live a little), a few examples of which you’ll discover after the drop.

Ways to Blow a Few Million Pounds from an Impressive Online Casino Pay-out

With such a sliding scale of prize amounts, winners of online casino games can splash their cash on anything they want; anything that is with a price tag from a few thousand pounds all the way up to a few million pounds and beyond that in some cases. All of which opens up a raft of materialistic possibilities that most people can only dream of the rest of the time, especially if we concentrate on the upper reaches of the online casino prize tree.

Let’s take a quick look at what a few million could fund which could, realistically alter your lifestyle if not afford you the financial springboard to reinvent yourself if you so desired. And desire is the key word here. If and when you ever find yourself in the enviable position of collecting a 7 figure sum of money, most people’s first thoughts quickly turn, instinctively to what their hearts have long desired.

And that could be just about anything. Only it will probably be similar to what most of us would think about if the situation presented itself. Fast cars, luxury houses, exotic holidays, a property portfolio, a complete new wardrobe, a round-the-world cruise or investing in a season ticket for Bayern Munich (or whoever your favourite football team happens to be). Below we box-tick 10 of the most popular purchases which would be observed on any online casino jackpot winners hit list of new acquisitions which, let’s face it, wouldn’t differ that much from our own. In no particular order they’d probably look a lot like this;

  1. A sports car (with established favourites like the German marquees, Audi, Mercedes and BMW topping the wish list)
  2. A new property (the bigger, the better)
  3. A round-the-world cruise (the longer and further away, the better)
  4. A brand new wardrobe (a walk-in one, obviously, to be created within an existing house; or architecturally-designed into the luxurious layout of a new one)
  5. Paying off your current mortgage
  6. Settling other outstanding debts and loans
  7. Buying a second home/holiday home
  8. Buying a season ticket for your beloved football/sports club/team
  9. Investing in buy-to-let property/becoming a property magnet
  10. Investing in works of contemporary art
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