Tips for Student on How to Deal with Stress

College is the dream of many students. Before admission, their only concern might be to get accepted by the admission officers and one of their biggest sources of worry is often whether or not they have submitted an effective personal statement.

However, once they get admitted, the students’ worries change. They may start to worry about the loads of homework and all the stress associated with it. In order to survive at college, one needs to learn how to deal with stress.

In fact, there are many tips to improve mental health for students. There is a lot of advice for students to increase their odds of making it through the college years. Once you finish reading this article prepared by Perfect Essay team, you will be much more prepared to handle your college life.


Exercising can serve as an anti-stress technique, helping students feel better when they are stuck at homework. Being too deeply immersed in studies can lead to stress which, in turn could heighten the pressure caused by the amount of work.

Luckily, exercise and sports are at students’ disposal, to help relieve their stress. Once you feel suffocated by school tasks, try to find energy in exercise. One could try running as an effective way to get rid of all the negative energy that pressures them. Running is so beneficial that after you practice it you would definitely feel better; it renovates energy and gives you more enthusiasm to handle your college assignments with willingness.

Generally, any type of sport is beneficial for college students. The choice of the activity depends on the student’s preferences. Working out should be an integral part of students’ college routine, to stay healthy and overcome stress. Dancing, for instance, is another type of activities that may be an optimal choice for students. Dancing could lift up the student’s spirit and put them in a better mood, which would render them able to handle any difficult school-related matter with ease and courage.

Take Breaks Regularly

There are many situations in which a student may find no time for a break because of some restrictions such as tight deadlines or the loads of work they have. Yet, when possible, one should take into consideration breaks. They are of great importance for the learning performance; in that, they alleviate the stress that the student may be undergoing. A break is helpful because it lets the students breathe in and out a few minutes in order to boost their concentration. A rule of thumb that should be followed is that the breaks be regular, as such the student could become even more productive when it comes to homework, for instance.

It is recommended that students follow a clear strategy when it comes to homework. For example, if they choose to follow the Pomodoro Technique, they have to take breaks every interval of 25 minutes. The break starts from 5 minutes and becomes longer depending on the number of intervals undertaken. These breaks are important because they respect the student’s concentration span in such a way that maintains focus. In addition, depending on the student’s capacity, they could shorten or lengthen their homework interval for the sake of a more effective performance.

Find a Method of Organizing that Works for You

Organization is a key tool when it comes to dealing with college stress. It could be applied at many levels; however it starts with organizing time. Dividing your time into intervals seems to be an efficient method that helps the student remain in control of their multiple assignments. There is also the possibility of organization by task. For example, one could start with the most difficult tasks which require more focus and concentration. Otherwise, college assignments could be organized by order of priority. Those which have a close deadline should be done first so that one makes sure that they meet deadlines.

There are other manners of organization which help one make it through college years with less stress. One could choose to undertake some tasks at home and the other ones in a college study room or any other environment; it is an organizational method that reduces stress, especially when a student has a lot of homework to do. This way grants the student more free time for other activities. Changing the study environment helps students channel their energy with a fresh attitude and mood.

Break up Big Projects into Small Ones

Big projects may be conducive to stress, anxiety, and procrastination. Thus, one way to deal with them is to break them up into smaller tasks that should be done respectively. No one is able to do everything at once. Hence, if a big project is divided into chunks, the student may not feel as overwhelmed. In this manner, the project could become a success, especially if all of its parts have been given the same amount of focus and effort.

Once the big assignment is divided into smaller pieces, the student could find it easier to handle them. Big projects might cause students to procrastinate about them until they miss the deadline. This strategy facilitates the achievement of the projects and renders them feasible in one way or another. When the tasks look small, there is less chance for anxiety to take over your life. Thanks to such an approach, one could invest more time and effort in their tasks without feeling pressured and stressed. 

Get Out of Your Room

A student’s room might be the place where all of their homework is done. Yet, it may also be true that sometimes one’s room becomes suffocating, especially when there is much work to be done. Stress could arise from that very room environment, that’s why it is crucial that one get out of their room more often.

Doing homework in different environments can beneficial. It is also advisable that one get out of their room during breaks as well. Rooms are closed spaces that might be associated with stress, so they should be avoided whenever possible. One might want to consider doing their reading tasks in an open, green space or a where they could breathe some fresh air.

Wrapping it all up – through the application of the tips mentioned in this article, students can acquire new skills useful for the handling the stresses of college life. Following these tips should be coupled with students’ willingness and positive attitude, in order to achieve the best results. One should not forget that college years offer a memorable experience that should be relished, not dreaded.