3 Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Aspiring Handheld “Spielbergs” and Meme Makers

Instant gratification. We all want it and no matter whether we realize it or not, we all crave it. Think about your favorite YouTube videos for example – how many on your list are exceedingly long and drawn out? “Not many,” we hear you mutter. Right, and this is because that hilarious cat video that you can’t stop watching has served its purpose after 10 seconds.

Can you think of anyone on the planet who wants to watch a 20-minute video of a cat being somewhat amusing? Neither do we – even the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons would struggle with that one. However, if you add a soundtrack, cut out the boring bits and drop in a transition here or there, you’ve got a potentially viral video waiting in the wings.

With that being said, below are some of the best video editing apps which will serve you well whether you’re an aspiring Hollywood director or just someone who enjoys seeing their videos make the year-end meme compilation videos.


This app is perfect for the social media generation who can’t seem to open a packet of chips without “Instagramming” it.

Nevertheless, it does come with some handy features, especially if you’ve got an iPhoneX and fancy superimposing yourself onto the Millennium Falcon or practicing your Vulcan grip (we wouldn’t advise that). If you’re short on time then Clips is definitely the editing app for you as you can be all set and ready to post your masterpiece within a mere matter of seconds. Then you can get back to watching that cat video.



Adobe Premier Clip

From the makers of the original and best photoshopping app comes video editing software which is perfect for Android users who are looking for a professional-looking edit with the least amount of hassle.

As one of the most widely used video editing apps, Premier Clip and other Adobe Premier products been reviewed in depth at sites such as bestonlinereviews.com and while the app itself isn’t all that feature rich, arranging your clips and exporting the result is quick and painless.


Without a doubt the most complete video editing app for iOS, Splice will almost make you feel guilty that the app is absolutely free (only almost though). Not only is the app itself free of charge, it’s also free of ads so you’re not likely to be bothered by a pop-up when applying the finishing touches to that video of your friend being attacked by a llama.

The only downside to speak of with Splice is that trimming within clip edits can be a little tricky but if you can negotiate your way around this then you’ll be well on the way to taking Michael Bay’s seat and directing the next Transformers movie. Or whatever it is he does these days.


The Editing is as Important as the Video Itself

Remember, a funny video without proper editing is just a funny video. However, a funny video with a Benny Hill style soundtrack, sound effects and perhaps a couple of instant replays thrown in is guaranteed social media gold. Well, maybe not – but still, who uploads raw footage these days? Oh, one more thing. Make sure you record in landscape and not portrait mode. Nobody likes those people.

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