6 Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Optimize Their Sites for Mobile Use

Owners of businesses large and small will do well to test their commercial sites to ensure they’re optimized for smartphone and tablet use. Customers do more browsing and buying on the go, and if a site can’t be easily used and viewed on anything other than a computer screen, business owners could be missing out on a lot of business. Those who are currently looking for a professional website builder or searching for ways to make their site better should learn more about the importance of mobile optimization.

Desktop Users and Mobile Users Aren’t the Same

When someone looks up information on the phone, she or he usually wants quick access to small chunks of useful information. That means commercial mobile sites need to use a font that’s easy on the eyes as well as small paragraphs and sections of text. Additionally, studies show that consumers are more likely to make impulse buys while shopping on their phone or tablet, and business sites that aren’t properly optimized are likely missing out. Owners should take both of these facts into consideration as they’re designing their optimized sites.

There’s More Traffic to Be Had Through Optimized Sites

Take one look around a public space and it’s easy to see that people are almost always on their phones. They might be looking up directions, talking with friends, searching social media, or they might be doing some shopping. With almost every industry becoming more saturated than ever with competition, consumers won’t hesitate to hit the back arrow and take their money elsewhere if they stumble on a business site that’s hard to navigate on their smartphone.

Search Engines Prefer Mobile Responsiveness

Optimized sites are not only great for customers, they’re great for search engines as well. Search engines are an ideal way to drum up business the organic way without marketing or advertising. That being said, commercial sites that are tweaked to be viewed on smartphones are more likely to rank higher than other business sites. Not only can a site be ranked higher if it’s optimized, it can actually be penalized if there isn’t a mobile-friendly option.

Improved Brand Engagement

Rather than going to great, and potentially unnecessary, lengths to connect with current customers and potential customers, business owners are better off focusing on the appearance and utility of their sites first before turning their attention elsewhere. This is because the better a mobile experience consumers have upon going to a business site, the more likely they are to view that business favorably. Evidence has also shown that consumers switch between phone, computer and tablet screens during their shopping experience. Having a great experience no matter the screen boosts the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction rating.

Beat the Competition

Yet another reason mobile site optimization should be high on any business owners’ to-do list is that their competitors are likely already creating a site for tablets and phones. While every industry is packed with different companies and offerings, they aren’t all the same. Customers might prefer the products or services offered by a particular business, but be turned off by the fact that that particular company’s site is so hard to navigate on their phones. Once a site is optimized, loyal customers can breathe a sigh of relief and not worry as much about potentially having to take their business elsewhere.

Mobile Optimization Comes With Mobile Advertising

With so many people shopping online, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to market themselves on phones and tablets as well. Besides diverting money towards designing mobile-friendly sites business owners and entrepreneurs should devote money towards mobile advertising as well to truly maximize their efforts.

Businesses owners who have yet to make their sites usable on phones and tablets should get right on that. It could be the best decision they’ve ever made.


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