The Most Stylish, Well Designed and Artistic Slot Games


It may sound strange, but then again, maybe not: when you think about how far technology has come, in such a short space of time, it only makes sense to look online for some of the most cutting-edge graphic design out there.

Specifically, slot game design: who would have even thought – even a few years ago – that slot games could be anything but clunky, flashy and tacky?

Nowadays, with the rise of some truly fantastic online casinos – among them, – it’s easier than ever to glean some graphic design inspiration from all of the gorgeously designed slots out there. Here’s just a few you should keep your eyes out for.



Gonzo’s Quest/Gonzo’s Quest HD

Or, otherwise known as one of the world’s first VR slot games, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest follows historical figure Gonzo as he explores the lost city of El Dorado. From the animated background, to the symbols on screen, to the exciting bonus round and possibly world-first ‘waterfall slots’ feature, this is really one to see, play and marvel over – and that’s before we get into the VR version, which is even more impressive and immersive.


However you felt about the movie of the same name, this branded slot is so faithful to it, that even the least enthusiastic people can’t help but marvel at the efforts made. Following the characters of the movie (alas, no Jon Hamm in sight…), you’ll enjoy the fun callbacks to the plot – even if you weren’t a fan in the first place.

NRVNA: The NXT Experience

One of those instant classics from NetEnt, NRVNA (‘nirvana’) doesn’t have much of a plot – but what it does have is bucketloads of stunning graphics.

From the fluorescent flashes of light when you spin a win, to the twinkling, underwater background, you’ll likely spend more time taking in the beauty of it, rather than actually playing (and we wouldn’t blame you for that, either).



Big Bad Wolf

This popular fairy-tale themed slots looks at an often maligned figure – the Big Bad Wolf himself.

He’s one menacing fella – both the densely and beautifully rendered background, as well as the house-based foreground will draw you in – check out the pink teddy bear symbol, which is so painstakingly drawn that you’ll wonder why you don’t play more slot games…!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Following on from the Big Bad Wolf is Jack and the Beanstalk – another fairy tale figure, but with different, equally breathtaking animation and design.

The gameplay is as you’d expect, but what happens when you win is simply magical – clouds of sparkling gold dust explode all over the screen, as the symbols – we’ll get to that – look on.

And what symbols! Part classic, calligraphy-style animation, part-modern twist, it’s amazing to consider these reels aren’t works of art, hanging on a wall somewhere.

Slot Design: The Future

This list is just the beginning of a new era of insanely high-level, intricate slot game design. While we can’t tell what the future will hold, we can be certain that it’s only going to get more impressive from here.

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