Hot Technology Coming to the Palm of Your Hand in 2018

Every year advances in technology have been astounding mobile users worldwide. Virtual reality, touch-less payments, and apps that know who you are before you even know how to use them… what more could we want? But 2018 is rolling out amazing, out-of-this-world advances for our mobile phones and we can’t wait to get our hands on them, literally.



Super Apps

Google and Apple are already notorious do-it-all systems deploying multiple apps connecting through the ever-elusive cloud. Convenient to a degree, but sometimes having all these apps can be crowding to our devices. Enter the super app. A single platform that connects all our mobile needs into one unified app: communication, shopping, lifestyle, finances and utilities. Soon we will be able to use one interface to do all our biddings… chat, email, buy flights, conduct business; you name it, the super app’s got it.

Mobile Wallets

Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay – mobile wallets have been around for some time. But technology from the Far East has advanced the e-wallet technologies with creations like WeChat Pay, a payment app with no borders that can be used at all your favorite vendors, booking taxis and paying for coffee with the wave of your phone, anywhere in the world.

Facial Recognition Fit For a King

Fingerprint and iris scanning devices will soon be a thing of the past. Facial recognition is not only going to detect the shape and features of your face, but its size and every nook and cranny. Soon all our mobiles will be fitted with high-security technology like this and eventually your phone will know its you without you having to do a thing.

Online Gambling

The music, lights, and enchanting colors of casinos first made their way to our computer screens twenty-four years ago. Now online casinos are joining in with times and creating amazing mobile casinos and apps so you can get your rolls and spins in on the go. We’re starting to see great collaborations with virtual reality and 3D technology with these mobile apps, so anticipate more exciting mobile casino experiences coming our way.



The Foldable Phone

This may be the year that mobile users have been waiting for. Will Samsung release their mysterious Galaxy generation phone that can bend and fold away into your pocket? Gone will be the days of carrying around brick-sized screens. Soon we will be able to carry a wide-screened smartphone, suitable for all your favorite action movies, with the ease of slipping a pen into our front shirt pocket.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Already in development for several years, augmented reality (AR) is an exciting step in technological advances for our mobiles. Developers have created toolkits that allow users to display virtual subjects or objects in the real world. Imagine watching a hologram walk its way across your office desk, or a virtual cat jump onto your colleague’s lap – the possibilities with AR are endless.

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