Essay on Future Prospects: What Is Waiting for Us?

Visions of the future

Sci-fi movies have always been popular. But today, in the Digital Age, it’s getting more and more difficult for movie directors to surprise us. More and more technological dreams are coming true.

Still, some devices we can see on the screen now will become a usual thing only for our descendants. Some of those novelties will be just for fun, like 7D glasses (who knows), and some of them will bring a huge benefit we cannot even imagine today.

So, how can new technology be useful for the whole humankind? Will it replace online essay writing service UK teams, surgeons, programmers, or teachers? What will it enable us, humans, to do?

Traveling to Other Planets

It is definitely the most popular topic of fantastic movies (check out Guardians of Galaxy and Martian).

However, it is not only about an unusual vacation to Mars or a trip to Venus waterfalls. Traveling to another planet of the solar system may have a practical reason too.

The thing is that nowadays the Earth’s energy resources run out, so in some time people may be forced to move to another planet. The Earth may turn out not a paradise we were once given.

The Main Reasons for Traveling

So, the colonization of other planets has some obvious reasons – people cannot produce food or even breathe anywhere else except the Earth. But with the future technology, such as a nano-assembler that will be able to produce any substance, life beyond the Earth will become a reality. For example, if we moved to Mars, we could give some Martian sand to that device, and it would produce an apple from atoms.

Sci-fi movies where aliens attack the Earth because of natural resources seem so funny now. Any smart beings, who might once find a way to travel to the Earth, could have already found a way to produce fruit, vegetables, water, and anything else from atoms.

Treatment Against Any Disease: Is It Possible?

We all have somehow come across the statistics of death from cancer or other fatal diseases. They can be easily considered as the main problem and the reason of large-scale people’s deaths around the world, especially in poor countries.

So, in the near future we must solve health problems as fast as possible. Technological revolution in the health care domain is not as far as it may seem today. The bearer of this revolution is a nanorobot.

It will give us an opportunity to make our life expectancy much longer and help us fight any diseases. Scientists believe that in 10 and something years millions of nanorobots may be implanted into the human organism in order to destroy viruses and thrombi, make regeneration faster, and so on. It may also transport medicine to different parts of the body. No doubt, this technology will help us with the treatment of maladies and make the human body stronger in general.

Scientists are working on such robot nowadays, so it is possible that its first version can appear in only ten years.

Want Anything More Credible? What About an Internet Satellite Network?

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, is believed to dream about providing each and every earthling with free access to the Internet with the help of a hi-tech satellite system.

Following the successful launch of the SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy rocket with Musk’s Tesla Roadster on board on February 6, the latest tweets and reports claim that on February 17 the company’s Starlink network may launch the very first prototype global Internet satellites to the Earth’s orbit.

SpaceX doesn’t reveal the details of this revolutionary project for competitive reasons, as the race towards the establishment of the Earth’s first global Internet network is apparently heating up. For example, China has already reported that it plans to create a highly advanced rocket that will significantly surpass SpaceX’s Falcons in technological aspects.

Well, we’ll see where these advances will lead us. The only thing I personally would like to ask all those geniuses for is that they shouldn’t let the powerful technology get into the wrong hands. Hope they realize what I mean.

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