The Five Mobile Apps That Everyone Needs

cellphone with apps

We can all agree that over the years, there has been an explosion in the amount of mobile apps available. This has been as a result of the huge advances in mobile technology and networks. Furthermore, it is a fact that mobile apps are in general, cheaper and easier to produce, as opposed to computer apps. As consumers, we have become prolific in finding and using all sorts of apps, ranging from the most common like Netflix and Spotify to the most unique like Timehop and Trinus VR.

Mobile users looking for any app will definitely be able to find it in the two main stores, Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It is true that we cannot really put a number on the total amount of apps available in the market, but we can get a good idea of the scale. In January 2017, the Apple App Store had 2.2 million apps and in March 2017 Google Play had 2.8 million apps. So the question one may ask is, with such a huge listing to choose from, which are the five apps that everyone should have.

Safe Trek

This app has been rated as one of the best safety apps in the market and will come in handy for anyone finding themselves alone and vulnerable. We have all been in situations where you are alone at night or in a strange place, which can lead to feeling a bit scared right up to being in physical danger and a real sense of your life being at risk. Safe Trek is perfect for these hairy moments, as all you have to do is press the ‘Hold Until Safe’ button and if there is an incident; just let go the phone, and it will automatically call the police and inform them of your exact location.


Waze is the world’s biggest community based traffic and navigation app. This is app is one of the most effective apps in terms of not only getting from A to B, but getting there in the fastest most convenient route possible. The app works a treat because of the millions of drivers in the Waze network, who are constantly providing information to ensure that we avoid traffic and everyone is given the best route 24/7. Drivers will also benefit from alerts that tell you where police, accidents, speed cameras, road works and even the cheapest fuel stations; all of which works perfectly, as drivers share this information in real time.

mFortune Blackjack

Blackjack remains the most popular online and mobile casino table game. In fact, blackjack accounts for 31% of all casino table action. mFortune is one of the leading mobile casino brands in the business, who is renowned for creating their very own bespoke and exclusive mobile games. It will come as no surprise that it is one most popular downloads, that provides blackjack devotees everything they could ever want from a game.


In a world where near enough everyone is a member of at least two social media platforms, it can become quite a task to produce the right tweet, comment, photo or post. The Buffer app is dedicated to organising all your social media releases from the one main dashboard. Users can even schedule the time and date that specific comments or images are posted. It is definitely one app that will grow in importance as users get more active on more and more social media services.


This app offers the best business reviews to all. It is essential in getting real truthful reviews on anything from restaurants and night clubs to spas and locksmiths. The service was started in 2004 and now has more than 74 million unique visitors via the mobile. There are more than 142 million reviews and has a huge community which makes it one of the most honest and informative apps for every imaginable service or product.

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