How Christianity Could Help You Live a Richer Life; Permanently



If you’re like many people, you might have set goals at the start of the year and have every intention of achieving them. However, you might also feel unsure about how to improve your life but know it’s time to make positive changes. In either of these cases, exploring the Christian faith could enhance your existence in ways you hadn’t even imagined, helping you accomplish what you set out to do and broaden your understanding of how to thrive in the presence of others.

It Could Help You Stop Stressing About Money

If you were to ask five friends to name three things that typically make them feel anxious, there’s a good chance they’d start talking about money, bills, or paychecks. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are continually concerned about how much they earn — and for good reason. Money dictates where we live, what we eat, and how we spend time.

However, when you begin diving into what the Bible teaches about money, you may find refreshing perspectives. For example, it urges us to not become so focused on finances that we lose out on the other things life offers.

Also, don’t forget there are many scriptures that discuss how God provides for followers. To complement that topic, you can find numerous mentions of how it’s not good to be overly anxious about money or anything else. Instead, we should trust God has everything under control and we must exercise our faith by showing trust.

It Could Bring New Relationships Into Your Life

Some people have the same friends for years and get to the point where they become overly comfortable by hearing the same viewpoints from those individuals all the time. However, if you make a conscious effort to find friends who are fellow Christians, you could quickly meet people who share some of your principles but see other things differently and educate you about their experiences.

Whether you join a Bible study that meets in your neighborhood every week or volunteer at a soup kitchen twice a month with other members of your congregation, those are two examples of the many things you could do to expand your circle of friends. At first, doing so might take you out of your comfort zone. But by being willing for that to happen, you might realize there are people who are there for you in tough times.

It Could Give You a Renewed Sense of Discipline

The Bible mentions how Jesus took time to be alone and pray when he felt under pressure. Sometimes, he’d teach crowds of people or his disciples all day, then use prayer as a restorative technique. The important thing to keep in mind is how he prioritized time for himself even when others demanded his presence.

As you explore Biblical teachings, you might find following the example of Jesus is easier than you imagined and become more disciplined too. As a starting point, try getting into the habit of studying the Bible every day.

If you prefer to learn things through various methods, don’t worry. There are numerous online resources to discover during your quest to become a well-rounded Christian. For example, by looking at The Way International slide-share page, you can find dozens of slide-based presentations.

The Way International is a non-denominational Christian ministry that offers resources to help people achieve greater understandings of Biblical concepts. By reviewing those materials, you’ll see how to apply the principles to your life and feel consistently excited about studying them daily.

It Could Help You Cherish Lifelong Learning

Some people think learning only happens in formal ways, such as when individuals go to college or take a class to learn a new hobby. However, there are also self-directed learning techniques, and they happen when you do things such as study the Bible or read a Christian-based book.

Even if you eventually get to the point where you’ve read the entire Bible and have memorized dozens of scriptures, you’ll still realize there are various interpretations that could shape or change your beliefs. You may also find it particularly helpful to purposefully seek out teachings from pastors who hold different beliefs that you do. Hearing what others have to say doesn’t mean you’ll give up your initial foundations, but it’ll help you feel energized by the opportunity to keep learning for the rest of your life.

As your understanding of the Bible deepens, you may even become influential by helping another person become more faithful. One fantastic thing about Christianity — or any other religion — is that you can pass what you know about it onto others and help them become more enlightened too.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of benefits, it gives you a glimpse of why it’s so valuable to look at Christian teachings for the first time or decide to become more motivated about strengthening your faith. By doing so, you could find your life changes for the better.

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