How to Choose the Right Massage Chair

Have you ever wanted to have your own SPA at home? Probably everyone has ever thought about having a small massage and aroma oil corner at home. Just imagine, how it feels being able to devote at least 20 minutes a day to relaxation only. Having a handy SPA is not that unachievable dream as it would seem at first glance. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to create one in your house. How?

What is the main element of any SPA? Of course, this is massage. So, does it mean you have to hire a private masseur? No! It means you have to get a massage chair. Having a massage chair at home saves you a lot of money and time, which you usually spend in a SPA salon. Don’t worry, modern massage chairs have sleek, compact design, which can fit any interior and any home. The main problem is how to choose the best massage chairs, which will meet your requirements and needs? Today we’re going to answer this question, trying to explain you the main principles of choosing the right item.



So, let’s get started.

Tips for Choosing the Best Massage Chair

First of all, you have to understand that the functions, design, and the size of any massage chair are directly connected to the price. The first step you have to take before buying is to decide which part of your budget you can spend. The average prices of the chairs vary from 500$ to 3000$ and more.

So, what to look at when choosing one of these?



  • Size. Modern massage chairs have absolutely different forms and sizes. If you have a small apartment, don’t even think of getting a huge piece of additional furniture. You want to feel relaxed and have enough space around you while sitting in a chair.


  • Zero gravity. Such chairs provide the most comfortable body position during the procedure. Your feet get elevated and the weight is equally distributed. Such position gives you the feeling of being weightless. It is the most convenient and relieving position for your spine. Keep in mind, that such chairs should be placed in spacious rooms as they are quite heavy and large.


  • 3D Technology. It is an adjustable roller technology, which provides lighter and harder rubdown options. 3D function allows better body scan, accommodating to a particular curvature of your spine. Thus, you’ll get a more comprehensive massage of your body. 3D rollers provide extra pressure or lighter pressure based on that spinal curve. This is suitable for those who wants a more «human-touch» like rubdown.


So, follow all of these tips when choosing a massage chair for your mid or lower back. They will help you to pick the one, which will benefit your relaxation the most. Massage improves your sleep quality, eliminates stress, reduces muscle tension, improves joint mobility, and much more, so it is a good idea to include it into your daily routine.


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