How to Take Up Physical Exercise Without Forcing Yourself

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few decades (since 50s probably), you are fully aware that sport is a necessary element in your life. At least we here, at, write A LOT of papers on this topic, which signifies its importance. You need exercise to feel good mentally and physically. You also know about all the effects related to not having physical exercise in your life – cardiac events, obesity, and multiple other diseases.

In short, sport is important and we all know it. But are you one of those people who have no problems exercising regularly? If you are, this article is not for you, so don’t waste any more of your time.

If, however, every gym session is an ordeal for you… If you force yourself to do just one more push-up, just one more sit-up, and run just one more mile, then you are one of us – people who have to force themselves to exercise.

It’s not that we don’t know how bad it is to skip the gym for a couple of drinks in a bar. It’s just… well, there is too much happening in life and sometimes (or most likely all the time) exercise doesn’t really fit in.

How to reconcile it all? I have personally developed a few techniques that help me accept my trainings without much fuss and complaining. Here, I will share them with you.

Go to the gym when you are stressed

Sport is an amazing stress reliever. If you haven’t yet noticed this effect, it’s because you didn’t pay attention. Next time your boss yells at you or your mother calls to question every single one of your life choices – go pump some iron. In a stressful life, you’ll have plenty of occasions to vent through exercise.

Choose something you like

This one will take a little effort though. To stop hating sport, you just need to choose the right kind. Maybe gym is not for you – so why not take up pole dancing, or yoga, or hip-hop? There are plenty of options out there – you just need to try enough of them to be able to choose. Also, being able to choose on the spot is VERY helpful in persuading yourself to exercise: when you don’t feel like running, you can do some Pilates instead.

Negotiate with yourself

It usually helps when I have an annoying chore to do at home, like cleaning or ironing. In that case, I can easily choose gym over going home after work. In fact, I would choose anything except of going home, but that’s not the point. It also helps a lot to plan your days accordingly. Spend one hour less at work on the day you’re going to exercise. Being tired after work usually doesn’t help in persuading yourself to spend some more energy in the gym, so try to go easier on yourself.

For some people, sport is such an integral part of their lives that they can’t imagine life without it. For others it’s not. If you, like me, belong to the second group, you need to take some additional measures, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to torment yourself for your entire life. Just be smart about it.

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