11 Habits of Men That Make Girls Melt

Sometimes it seems to us that the times of true knights have gone into oblivion. They live only on the pages of novels and in romantic movies. However, not everyone will agree with such a statement and say that not of them show those annoying habits of men. Even nowadays, you may meet real gentlemen, whose habits and actions make women’s hearts melt. This tips was kindly provided by experts of the best eastern european dating site.



Here are a few examples of good habits for men to enrich their life. So take a clean sheet of paper and take some notes.


  • Open the car door for your lady. Get out of the car first and help your lady. Opening the door for her and offering a hand is a sign of your care and manners. Thus, you should demonstrate your attraction and you’re willing to care about your lady, as well as the desire to protect her. It is the easy act that gives the woman a feeling that she is a real lady.


  • Let her enter first. A real gentleman will never push forward if a woman comes to meet him. He will open the door and let her pass first. This gesture is a manifestation of your care and respect to the lady.


  • Leave the last piece for your beloved. Certainly, the heart of a man is closely connected with his stomach. However, it is quite telling, when he leaves the last piece of his favorite dish for his girl. This way you will confirm your concern for her and show your generosity.


  • Dedicate a lot of time to family. Spending part of your time with members of your family, instead of hanging out with friends and drinking beer or watching a football match, is what you need to show her. Looking through family photos together and communicating with your parents is the best evidence of your intentions. Let her know that she is the chosen one and that you dream to be next to her.


  • Introduce your girl to your old friends (whom you meet by accident). A well-raised young man should keep in mind that if he meets his old friends on the street and has a couple of words with them, but forgets to introduce his lady to them, she will feel uncomfortable and needless. Take care of her comfort. Gentlemen will not allow such a situation to happen.


  • Give gifts without an occasion. A sweet little thing, bought in the evening after work for your beloved, will make her genuinely believe that you think about her and are ready to give small pleasures, for her to smile.


  • Use the outside edge of the sidewalk. Such an act often remains unnoticed. What a pleasure to protect your beloved from cars and dirt of the road! I bet your girl will say you are a real knight. After all, this way you serve as a block from a dangerous roadway, which can carry a threat not only for her clothes (I mean those puddles on the road), but also her life.


  • Gently kiss her forehead. Kissing the girl in the forehead, you express your fatherly care, and a special tenderness towards her. Therefore, you make your beloved sure about your intentions.


  • Refuel her car. Taking her car to a gas station is a great gesture, though a little bit weird one. This way you show the desire to make her life comfortable, protecting her from problems.


  • Help her put on her coat. One of the signs of a true gentleman is giving the lady her coat or jacket. If she is not dressed well, and it is cool outside, then you should offer her your jacket.


Finally, do not let women chance to concentrate on bad habits men have. Let them be proud of you.

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