5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

There are many beautiful choices for couples who want to travel on their honeymoon. If you browse through web, you’d find that almost every less or popular country may be a honeymoon destination. Everything really depends on your tastes and preferences. Some couples prefer relaxation on a beach while others have a taste for hiking in the mountains. Read the following guide to know the most romantic destinations.

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Holland is simply astonishing. Visiting this beautiful European country will leave you speechless. Netherlands can amaze you with canals, tulip fields, and atmosphere full of openness and joy. People in Netherlands are hospitable and friendly. Amsterdam, the country’s capital, has a lot to offer for couples who look for romantic atmosphere. Amsterdam is famous for being one of the most liberal cities in the world. You can meet exciting new friends, visit the galleries full of beautiful paintings, and enjoy local cafeteria which offers delicious surprises. Just walking the streets of Amsterdam in evening can create romantic atmosphere you and your partner would most certainly appreciate.




Argentina is surely one of the most romantic destinations in the whole world. Traditional depiction of Argentina introduces it as a passionately exotic place where lovers from across the world come to enjoy the company of each other. Argentina is full of drive, energy, and dynamics. Buenos-Aires, the country’s capital, is the place you should visit first. It looks like a European city was removed from Europe to South America. The architecture, infrastructure, and people are very modern but have a slightly old-fashioned aura. Therefore, going to Argentina may feel like travel back in time. Some say that romance is old-fashioned. Such things would most certainly be proved wrong. Moreover, Argentina is famous around the world for inventing tango, the most passionate and romantic dance. What else do you need? Don’t forget to enjoy local coffee because it is tremendously delicious.




India is one of the most exotic romantic travel destinations. India is so ethnically diverse that your head will simply go round. The prices are very affordable. People in India are very friendly and joyful. India offers so much that it simply can’t be put in words. Consider visiting Taj Mahal and Benares. Perhaps, you may want to go to beautiful and exotic place like Goa. You can swim in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal. Keep in mind that Indians created Kama Sutra. This is one more reason for you to visit this beautiful, passionate, and romantic country.




Greece is certainly one of the most romantic vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. Couples that go to Greece enjoy diving, national cuisine, and ancient historic sites. Greece is romantic because it is very old-fashioned country. You can walk the little streets and enjoy fresh sea breeze. You should visit Greece because it is relatively cheap in comparison with other European countries. You should also consider this option because of the amazing beaches Greece offers.  




Finally, France should not be missed in case you’re looking for something romantic and passionate. You probably heard that Paris is beautiful any time of the year. You and your partner can enjoy wonderful streets, brilliant architecture, and entertaining activities. Paris has everything you need including delicious wine and tasty food.

All in all, there are many options. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to have amazing time being there. Good luck!

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