Famous Faces Who Love Las Vegas

If you asked any normal person who had visited Vegas, they’d tell you they loved it and wanted to go back and people who you asked you hadn’t already been would be desperate to go. Las Vegas is well known for its glitz and glamour and being able to provide people with the best of everything when they’re there; and even with the increasing popularity of online casino activity, there is no substitution for the real thing! So it’s no wonder that for a long time it’s been a regular haunt for celebrities. The riches of Sin City suit their lifestyles down to the ground after all.

One thing Vegas does really well is that it offers some of the world’s finest casino experiences all in the one place. There’s over 70 casinos in total, with the majority being on the most recognisable strip in the world, the Las Vegas Strip. The likes of the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the MGM Grand have the ability to attract A list celebrities who are looking to enjoy time in a casino setting with friends, whether they’re keen gamblers or just playing for fun.

Speaking to a spokesman from the Unibet, Matt Damon is known to be a regular visitor of the Bellagio. Not just Matt Damon either, the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Demi Moore are also well known to head to the Bellagio to enjoy time in the casino. Las Vegas is the most popular celebrity gambling resort on the planet and the fact that it is only an hour’s flight away from Los Angeles makes it an easy destination to get to, even at the drop of a hat.

The casinos in Vegas know that they’re likely to have celebrity clientele visit and therefore look to provide private games for them. They’re very accommodating for celebs and The Palms for example arrange private poker, roulette or blackjack games at their request. They regularly host the likes of Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, Ryan Seacrest and Jason Giambi. Each celebrity likes their own specific game. Anderson loves slots, Affleck is known to play no-limit poker until the small hours and Willis, he likes the craps table.

Like Pamela Anderson, there are other female A-listers who love to head to Vegas to gamble, Paris Hilton being one of them. She’s well known on the casino circuit in Vegas and proved herself to be a decent blackjack player too when she walked away from the table $50,000 after only one sitting. Many would be forgiven for thinking that Hilton, as well as others, gamble for fun and have no skill but many take it very seriously. Ben Affleck for example has spoken in the past of his love for 21 and that he studies the game.

When it comes to famous faces and Las Vegas, they seem to go hand in hand. The glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle certainly fits with the bright lights of Sin City and the fact that it’s such a short traveling distance away from the likes of LA mean it’s a short plane journey, probably on a private jet, for a great day and night out.

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