Best HTML5 Game Templates in Browser-based Gaming

Since its official release in 2014, HTML5 has become the favourite tool for developers to create online browser-based games. Previously Adobe Flash was the preferred choice, but since it was resource intensive and not suitable for mobile platforms, it soon got replaced by HTML5. Also, there are a lot of security issues with flash which resulted in its departure. HTML5 provides a light-weight solution to develop browser-based online casino games which are compatible with both Mobile devices and Desktops. The gaming industry is vast, and there are many vendors who develop exciting games using HTML5 templates. Though there are plenty of HTML5 game templates available online, not all of them are attractive and mobile-friendly. Here, we have listed some of the popular HTML5 game templates with interesting list of features.


Canvas Puzzle



Canvas Puzzle is a simple and lightweight HTML5 game template that can be customized according to your needs. This template is compatible with all the modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The users can drag and drop images from their Desktop to create an infinite number of puzzles which makes this template really interesting. The template will work with iPad as well. You can redirect to a different page once the puzzle is solved and you can choose the default number of pieces in each puzzle. With a simple and clean design, this is one of the cool HTML5 game templates for beginners.


Indiara and the Skull Gold



This is a popular adventure game designed for mobile platforms with an Indiana Jones feel to it. You can use this game template to create your own game sequences. It is a totally fun game with 8 different levels, each having an increased difficulty. The game template has excellent graphics, fund sounds and super cool animation effects. Indiara is an adventurous girl who loves to collect ancient artefacts, and she has to go through a cave full of trips to find out 8 gold skulls. The game template includes both layered PSD and AI files and is compatible with both mobile and desktop. You can modify this HTML5 game template by replacing or editing the background images. You can customize the game difficulty levels using the Construct 2 HTML5 game engine. The game template comes along with the essential files including images required to customize it. You can also share your game scores through Facebook and Twitter using the buttons provided in the game.


Plume HTML5 Template



Plume is a multi-purpose HTML5 template with more than 300 static HTML 5 pages, 400+ UI elements and 49 Demos. The template has a responsive design and is easy to customize based on your requirements. It has some interesting features like Slider Revolution, Disqus commenting, Isotope, 6 preloader animation, fancy box and wow animation to help you develop super cool games. All the features are designed to be compatible with mobile devices as well. It is suitable for designing any gaming website or any other category of websites like e-commerce, news, real-estate, web services etc. The template includes 49 pre-defined demos, and you can also create your custom elements using the 400 UI elements and 40+ Shortcodes which come along with the template. The template also includes 4 different copyrights, 9 different notifications, 6 footers and 14 headers. Overall, Plume template offers you countless possibilities to create responsive and interactive HTML5 games of your choice.  

FlapCat Steampunk




Flapcat Steampunk is a blockbuster HTML5 game with simple design and amazing graphics. The game template is compatible with both the touch interface and mouse controls and supports a high-quality resolution of 1280×720.  The template comes along with layered Photoshop files in .PSD format and Adobe Illustrator files in .AI format. The template also includes the Construct 2 files with which you can modify the game according to your choice. The game template is compatible with the mobile platform as well as desktop. You can customize the game levels and alter the graphics using the Construct 2 files provided with the template.


Christmas Furious




Christmas Furious is also a popular HTML5 game template that includes support for both mouse and touch interface. The template includes 6 difficult levels and can be played on mobile devices as well. It includes all the background images and graphics in layered Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files. You can modify the game using Construct 2 HTML5 game engine using the files provided with the template.


Leaves Boy



Leaves Boy is an HTML5 game template targeted for mobile devices with excellent graphics and responsive design. The important features of this template include all the images with PSD and AI files, Construct 2 files, essential documentation etc. You also have buttons for sharing the high scores through Twitter and Facebook. The game involves a small boy who has to collect coins on the way and avoid all the obstacles by jumping and bouncing. You can use this template and Construct 2 game engine to modify the game according to your choice.

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