3 Companies Changing The World On A Small Scale

When it comes to innovation and becoming a leader in a certain area it is quite difficult to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive entrepreneurial world.

Even more so when it takes less and less money to start up a business because of the ever decreasing overhead and because of competent workers willing to work at competitive rates.

It has become very easy to make an idea become a reality. But you need to ask yourself, how will my idea affect the world?


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Let us take a look at 3 different companies that are showing us how they are changing the world on a small scale and what it means for us in the future.

Rapid Lab

Nothing has more of an impact on the world than research and science. Animals continue to help us to develop medical treatments, analyze medications and other personal or commercial products that have the hope of benefiting humans.

Rapid Lab developed a miniature, automated mouse ear tag for a seamless lab identification. The company RapID Lab has taken into account many variables within animal research and excelled in every area.

Automation Of Data And Reducing Error

The ability to scan IDs reduces errors, time spent trying to ID each animal, and/or redo work because of mislabeling. The time that would of been spent attempting to ID each animal can now be used to focus on the research itself.

Also, when scanning the ID, the data will go directly into the appropriate database system which aligns with programs such as Excel to automate data and coordinate information with reducing any mistakes.

Humane Treatment

One area that continues to be a debate is whether animals are treated humanely. With the Rapid ID tag, it is a virtually painless process that does not require anesthesia, does not cause added stress, and reduces possibility of harmful infections.


Online crowdfunding has revolutionized the ability to fund just about anything you can think of via the internet and social media sharing platforms.


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Plumfund has been able to change the game by allowing for it to be free for the contributor and the person receiving the funds. They also have partnerships with PayPal and WePay which allow for the lowest credit card processing fees in the crowdfunding industry and easy setup for your own landing page and sharing tools.


Getting In The Zone To Innovate And Create

The journey to starting your own business and going out on your own can be a tough road and you need to be on top of your game. Maintaining your focus and productivity is absolutely vital as you will only be answering to yourself and no one else.

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Ever since then, these supplements have taken off and been used by adults for memory and attention improvement, learning and energy enhancement, and more.

Before starting your own business, look up to these companies and create something that will benefit the world now and for generations to come.  

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