Hey Soccer Fans – What does Fernando Torres and a warlord have in common?

No, it’s not the start of some awful bar joke, so do bear with us. Torres, along with hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, MMA fighter Anderson “The Spider” Silva and basketball player Tony Parker, has just teamed up with Plarium to help the company convey “that feeling when” when you emerge dominant and victorious in their newest MMO game, Throne: Kingdom at War, now available to download on the App Store and through Google Play.

What is Throne: Kingdom at War?

Let’s start with the obvious question first: what is Throne: Kingdom at War all about? Well, this is the new game from developer Plarium, who have already tasted success with their hit mobile and browser title Vikings: War of Clans.
Plarium’s popular Vikings title allows gamers to battle in the Northern Kingdoms as a powerful Viking Jarl, but this new title thrusts gamers into the role of Warlord during the Medieval era, with a serious focus on an intelligent city building strategy, alongside a hefty dose of fighting of course.

The game has attracted a 4.4/5 ranking on the Google Play app store, with those who have downloaded the game clearly impressed by the graphics and ease of play, but where does Fernando Torres come into it exactly?
Well, as Plarium’s marketing campaign makes clear, the crossover between the sporting world and the world of MMO games is a close one. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Teamwork and Dedication

It’s no secret that teamwork and dedication to the cause are crucial for succeeding in the top level in sport. That applies to soccer, hockey, MMA, and basketball, and precisely the same ethos is required to succeed when it comes to MMO games – and specifically Throne: Kingdom at War, where working as part of a team is vital if your role as a city builder and Warlord is going to be successful. Fernando Torres recently announced that he and his teammates would fight and ‘die’ for each other in their upcoming battle against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League, a mindset ideal for medieval knights and fighters vying for dominance in Plarium’s new MMO game.

Torres clearly has that warlord quality needed to hit the big time, with the striker winning the World Cup with Spain and excelling domestically: qualities that in Throne: Kingdom at War really would allow for the best chances of survival in some of the fierce battles that rage during the gameplay.

Practicalities: No Need to Sneak Armor Through Security
Teamwork, the will to win, and dedication to the cause aside, Plarium’s innovative new marketing campaign also highlights one of the other huge draws of this MMO game.

This is a simple one: if you like entering into the mindset of medieval characters, downloading this game from the app store really is a far more practical way of living the medieval dream than sneaking a full suit of armor through airport security.