Take the Money Face Challenge

We’ve talked about the #mannequinchallenge and we all heard about #planking a few years ago, but now the new trend is the Money Face Challenge. Born out of boredom, as are most silly internet trends, the Money Face Challenge requires participants to fold a piece of currency that has a face printed on it and attempt to align it with their face.


Fortunately, the results are spectacularly hilarious! Some users have even taken photos of celebrities and placed them with folded bills. The trend isn’t only in America, users have taken photos with currency from England, Mexico, even Singapore.


The trick is all about camera angles and folding the bill in such a way that it works with your face, but some of these photos are pretty spot-on, while others are just plain funny.


This isn’t the first time the money face trend has surfaced, as photos have been posted online since 2008, but this is the latest resurgence, sparking a subreddit called “On the Money” and a trending twitter hashtag.


The challenge is harder than you may think, showcased by this Arizona news anchor who tried and failed to get the photo to both line up and be in focus.


Each photo turned out absolutely unique and so funny! Check out a few more photos from the On The Money subreddit.




This is the image that sparked the trend’s resurface, posted to the subreddit r/Funny.


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