25 Most Hated Insects Ever Known To Man

Insects are hands down the most hated critters on the planet, many because they carry life-threatening diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, and yellow fever.

One particularly relevant disease is currently (early 2016) spreading rapidly and reaching pandemic levels in the Western Hemisphere. The Zika virus has existed for over half-a-century near the equator in Africa and Asia, but in 2013-14 the virus spread eastward to Oceania and other Pacific islands. By 2015, it had spread to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Over 1.5 million Brazilians are already believed to be infected with the dengue fever-like infection and 3,500 babies have been born with underdeveloped brains, a condition known as microcephaly. This is the result of on of the most hated insects known to man.

Thankfully, that’s some of the worst of it. Many other critters on this list aren’t necessarily deadly to us but are definitely annoying.

Some destroy our food and cost us millions of dollars each year. Some have incredibly painful stings with welts which can last for months at a time. And some swarm in groups easily numbering in the millions which can wipe out farmland (any plant matter, really) in a matter of days. Either way, we sure hate the bugs on this list and often do all we can to kill them or get them out of our homes. Sometimes we even do this by eating them, such as #12, #5, & #3.

To see which creepy crawlies made it on the list, read on to see the top 25 Most Hated Insects Ever Known to Man.

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