Truly Captivating Pictures Of The Clearest Waters In The World

Why is some water so clear and other waters more cloudy?

There are a number of reasons for different water colors, but cloudy waters largely have to do with sediments and organic material from the bottom of the ocean floor getting stirred around. The small sediments that litter the ocean floors on the southern coast of California cause the water in this area to be cloudy.

In other parts of the world, such as in the Bahamas or in Hawaii, the same amount of upwelling does not occur, nor are sediment particles at the bottom of the ocean floor as small and easily disrupted. Also, a plethora of coral reef populations help limit water movement, keeping the water clear straight through to the bottom. Protection offered by coral reefs also helps to limit the amount of movement water maintains, causing the bottom-dwelling particles to remain on the ocean floor so that the waters remain clearer. [via]

Regardless of the scientific reasons behind clear water, it is certainly a beautiful sight to be seen–especially when you are not used to seeing it all of the time!

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