25 Most Hated Mammals On Earth

Though insects generally top the charts of animals we hate the most, there are plenty of mammals which we can’t stand either. Some animals we hate because they invade our spaces and damage our property (much like some other humans). Some we hate because of their deadly rampages and/or attacks. And some we hate because of their transmission of disease which wipes out millions of humans each year. We even hate one, seemingly just because.

You can’t help but feel sorry for some of these hated mammals.

The amount we dislike animals differs strongly by culture and geographic location. For instance, most Americans love elephants because they see them in zoos or on documentaries. However, plenty of Indians living alongside the largest land mammal hate them because they destroy farmland and have even been known to drunkenly kill villagers.

(See the list item about elephants for more on their drunken killing spree which caused a village uproar and witchhunt.)

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