The Superstitions of the Online Roulette Player

How many of us do not walk under a ladder or try to avoid the cracks in the pavement? It appears that although we live in a technological age we still harp back to the days where superstitions were rife and could control parts of our lives if we let them and these thoughts and rituals run rampant throughout land-based and online casinos.

There are a host of false beliefs and rituals that some gamblers will relate to and on this page we are going to look at the some of the more common ones when you play roulette online.

One of the myths in roulette play is that the previous spin or spins of the wheel will have anything to do with the results of the next spin.  Also there are a lot of payers that think if a certain colour has come up a certain amount of times then betting on the other colour is a good idea, thinking that eight colours in a row, for example, is going to be unlikely.

Now it IS unlikely that you are going to get eight black (or red) consecutively, but when you think about it, that is actually missing the point for when you bet on the eighth spin that is all you are betting on, not the previous seven ones, they are actually irrelevant to the outcome of your eighth  spin!

Roulette, as with any other game of chance has its players that have crated many ritual hopping that either the beliefs or the actions will boost their chances but the simple fact is that the odds remain 1-37 to get a specific number as each spin will always be independent of another.

Many roulette players, just like those who bet on the national lottery, for example, use anniversary, birthday or another day that has meaning to them use these numbers to make their choices on the roulette table, and some have their lucky shirts, or numbers they detest, some online roulette gamblers will even avoid certain foods or drinks even though they are not even NEAR a roulette table!

In fact, when you think about luck, the luckiest bet to place is to bet on a colour rather than a number because the probability of getting the right number are greater as there are only two options, opposed to 37 (or 38)  numbers.  Colour bets give you a 50% chance of a win where as number bets give you odds of 37 (38)-1.

To be honest if you do have a superstition or charm that you want to rely on, they really do no harm and can also be a lot of fun, but be careful when it comes to the strategies that ask you to raise your bets each time you have a loss or a win, your bankroll must be able to withstand this type of hit without your gambling money or habits becoming strained which could lead to problems in the future.

Remember when you are thinking about playing online roulette to choose a reputable online casino to join and play at.  Sites like offer their readers only quality casinos that employ staff that are trained to be aware of the trends of their gamblers and can identify and offer help if they see that gambling habits could possibly be causing a problem.  They are also gamble aware and take great pride in being responsible to all of their members, valuing their custom.

Having a top-notch casino which offers you great bonuses and promotional offers to suit your personal spending habits is essential to enjoying your time spent online, then you can get to playing your favourite number, wearing your lucky shirt or simply enjoying yourself straight from the comfort of your own home, and you never know, it could just be your lucky day!

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