Photo Of Starving Polar Bear Brings The Future Of The Arctic Into Question

This photo of a starving polar bear has been a hot topic on the Internet recently. Many people are talking about the condition of the Arctic and the future of polar bears in general thanks to this malnourished animal.

Polar bear inspects a car
How much of the world will be underwater if the polar ice caps melt

Wildlife photographer Kerstin Langenberger recently captured this image of an emaciated polar bear off the shores of Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

In the Arctic, polar bears face a grim scenario due to climate change. Rising temperatures have caused sea ice to melt. This sea ice is where polar bears hunt seals. Without it, the bears have turned to other, less abundant food sources on land such as snow geese and caribou.

As a result, some polar bears end up going hungry.





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