Five of the Worlds Most Expensive Smartphones

If money was truly no object, what would be your one indulgent purchase? Would it be a sports car, kitted out with an expansive engine and lavish interior? Perhaps you would invest in a large and spacious home, buying your dream home and becoming mortgage free. You may even entertain all of these ideas, as you look to spend your money and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams. If you are a gadget man however, you may prefer to buy a luxury smartphone or high-end products such as Apple’s new, limited edition Watch.

If you do decide to buy a luxury smartphone, you could do worse than consider one of the following options.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone


 Based on Windows CE, this smartphone has been designed by luxury accessory maker Peter Aloisson. It is priced at a considerable $1.3 million, while it also features more than 50 diamonds and 10 rare, blue stones. There are even a few sections made in rose gold and users can also benefit from a host of advanced security and technological features.

GoldVish Le Million


Another lavishly expensive phone at $1.3 million, GoldVish Le Million is the brainchild of renowned design expert Emmanuel Gueit. The designer of numerous luxury watches and jewellery items, his smartphone is bejewelled with 18k white gold and 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds. This handset sold at the Millionaire Fair in Cannes in September 2006, and instantly became one of the most costly gadgets in the world.

The iPhone 3G King’s Button


The third most expensive mobile phone in the world, Apple’s iPhone 3G King’s Button was developed and designed by Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson. It includes a staggering 138 diamonds, and it is valued conservatively at an equally impressive $2.4 million. The home screen button is also fitted with a stunning, 6.6 carat white diamond, which only adds to the beauty of the piece.

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G

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Another entry by Apple, the Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G is priced at an incredible $3.2 million and is renowned as the second most expensive smartphone in the world. Its casing is made from a generous 271 grams of solid, 22k gold, while its screen is also framed with 53 one carat diamonds. Once again, the home button is fitted with a rare 7.1 carat diamond, distinguishing the piece as being distinctly Apple in its nature.

Diamond Rose iPhone 4


Now we come to the worlds’ most expensive iPhone to date, and also the handset that is the most costly of all time. This is the 32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, which was designed by Stuart Hughes and valued at $8 million. The phone’s bezel is made out of rose and approximately 500 flawless diamonds, which total over 100 carats. The back is also gold, while 53 diamonds are also dotted throughout the design.

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