Weird But Beautiful Way Ancient Maya Used To Decorate Their Teeth

The Maya are probably the best-known of the classical civilizations of Central America. Their civilisation was renowned for its many great achievements before Spain conquered its lands. The Mayas made great strides in the fields of astronomy and mathematics. They built massive pyramids with no modern tools. The Mayas also invented the field of cosmetic dentistry, but it was much different from what you might imagine.

The Mayas often went to their dentists, but not for fillings or to get a new crown put on. They went to have their teeth beautified with gemstones. From what anthropologists have found, Maya citizens from all levels of society had their teeth decorated, regardless of class.

The result may have looked cool, but the process was undeniably painful. A dentist would have likely used a makeshift drill made from obsidian to punch a hole in the front of a tooth. They would then use a natural adhesive to place the gemstone in the hole. The fact that they were able to do such fine work speaks to an amazing knowledge of tooth anatomy.

This is what going to the dentist used to look like in past
Diving in a sacred Maya cave
Our human history is just a narrow slice

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