Here’s The Dark Side of Weight Loss

Contemporary media promote lean as the only way to be attractive. Radical metamorphosis of people who dropped a few dozen pounds, are promoted in the media.

Combating obesity is associated unfortunately not only with exercise and healthy nutrition. It remains that you can not see the pictures of the “transformation”. When the fat disappears, there is still excess skin that is not shrinking. John David Gaude talks about it openly showing himself as example. Thanks to that he became a YouTube star.

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John was very obese, but decided to change it. After months of difficult exercises and diet, he was able to lose up to 70 kg (!). Now he’s facing with a new problem, which is the excess sagging skin. It can be covered with clothes, but when John wants to undress there is a problem. In this case, the only solution is to undergo plastic surgery.

As you can see, “metamorphosis” is not magic, and you often have to incur additional costs, which are not told. Keep in mind that winning the fight against obesity changes in the fight against what remains after it.

Brian is awesome for sharing himself like this.

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