Apple Prototypes From The 1980s

Last October, frog design founder Hartmut Esslinger published Keep It Simple – The Early Design Years of Apple, an insider’s account of the origins of Apple’s iconic products and brand.

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Keep it Simple’ is the authentic story of the collaboration between Steve Jobs and Hartmut Esslinger, which began in 1982. This process started with the so-called “Snow White” project, a design competition won by frog. The result of this partnership between entrepreneur and designer is of historic dimensions: Steve Jobs was the first to make Strategic Design the core of Apple’s Business Strategy. By this, Apple grew from an originally technology focused company into one of the world’s most successful, global brands, and this was achieved by creating and delivering innovative and intelligent products.

To buy the book, visit Arnoldsche Art Publishers

To read an abridged chapter from Esslinger’s book, visit design mind.
To buy the book, visit Arnoldsche Art Publishers


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