Google’s New Driverless Car is Missing a Steering Wheel and Brake Peddle… On Purpose

Google recently tested a new self-driving electric car, which is a complete passenger experience.

That’s right, no steering wheel, brake peddle or anything that might hint at a manual take over. It was manufactured by an unnamed Detroit automotive company and that’s all we know about it’s builder specs. The car is about as basic as you can get sporting a couple of doors, seats and navigation.

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Google is setting out to produce around 100 prototypes while having engineers work out the issues along the way. Scary. The good thing is that the prototypes will have manual override fail-safe protocols. The cars can cruise up to 25 MPH now, using Google’s sensors, lasers, radars and cameras to guide it’s way, ultimately creating the perfect passenger vehicle for transportation.

Watch volunteers take a ride in Mountain View, California.

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