The Most Inspiring and Hilarious Graduation Speeches

Graduations are usually painstakingly boring, especially if the speaker delivers a dull, lengthy speech.

Occasionally, a hilarious and thought-provoking speech will make its way through all the tedious talking. A good graduation speech should be funny, wise, creative, and inspiring, and these people managed to check off all the boxes when they stood at the podium.

Get inspired by watching these thoughtful graduation speeches!

1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson begs Mount Holyoke College for help.

2. A student cracks jokes during East Jessamine High School’s graduation in 2008.

3. Stephen Colbert delivers a hilarious guest speech to University of Virginia’s class of 2013.

4. Rundle College valedictorian Evan Biberdorf entertains the class of 2013.

5. Ralf Wyn references Weezy within the first minute of his 2008 speech.

6. Lance Jabr turned his speech into a musical about high school struggles in 2008.

7. PECI valedictorian Henry Goddard makes fun of his 2010 graduation date, teachers and fellow students.

8. Heather McPherson wins over the Whitney High School crowd in 2010 with a witty speech.

9. Sacha Baron Cohen plays his character “Ali G” at a 2004 Harvard graduation.

10. West Hall High School’s 2010 valedictorian Carl Aquino compares college to a Rubik’s Cube.

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