These 1,600 Fake Pandas Represent a Shocking Truth About The Number of Entire Wild Panda Population

French artist Paulo Grangeon, together with the World Wildlife Fund, decided to create 1,600 little paper-mache pandas and take them on a tour around the world.

World Wildlife Fund’s Pandas on Tour is a campaign to raise awareness about the dwindling panda population caused by human activity by French artist Paulo Grangeon. He creates 1,600 little paper-mache pandas. 1,600 may sounds like a big number, but when you realize that what you see represents the entire wild panda population it seems like there are way too few of them. Each one paper panda represents one of only 1,600 (or even less) pandas that are left in the wild.

Efforts to revive the panda population have been met with difficulty due to their dwindling natural habitat and due to the difficulty of getting pandas to mate in captivity. Even wild pandas have difficulty mating, as they have only a very short window of time (usually 2-3 days) once a year during which the female can be fertilized.

To find out more about the campaign or if the Panda World Tour is coming to your city, check out their website and Facebook page.

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