Riddles Of A Day

We challenge you to excercise your brain a little and have fun with some logical riddles. Are you ready?


Juliet Hunter was found dead in a hut, she was covered in cuts and bruises and a razor in her hand this morning, forensics suggest she’s been dead since last night.
Two of her closest friends were found to be witnesses of what happened.

Drake Stormthief, a ear witness, is convinced that she committed suicide as he heard her shout through the door.
Drew Twilightdangled claims he saw Drake go in the hut and kill Juliet.
All three planned to meet in the hut.

Who killed her?

Answer (highlight text to see it): Both Drew and Drake killed her.
Drake said he was already close to the door, if he was convinced that his closest friend is trying to commit suicide, he would had tried to stop her. Drew said he saw Drake walk into the hut with a razor in his hand, if they all planned to meet there, Drake knew Drew would see him and kill him too.


The person who makes it, sells it. The person who buys it never uses it and the person who uses it doesn’t know they are. What is it?

Answer: Coffin


The doctor prescribed you to take one pill from the bottle every half an hour. The bottle is now left with only three pills.
How long do you think you have before you run out of pills?

Answer:You have an hour. The most common answer will be one and a half hour. But remember, when you took the first pill, it was the zero minute.

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