Perfect Body Image According To Men And Women

Popculture gave us a strong idea about what’s pretty, desirable and right. We want to be fit, slender, flawless and attractive, That’s normal and natural: we are designed to reproduce. Deep down our brain is looking for a genetically strong ‘perfect partner’. Which is sad, given the current circumstances and variety of options we have to choose from in life.

As soon as we realize that our mind pays more attention to looks than the spirit, the better our relationships will be.

And that being said, let’s compare what’s ‘perfect’ according to men and women!



The only conclusion I’ve came up to after seeing this comparison is that bigger is better. And it applies only to breasts.

And here we have two different perspectives on a male body:


It turns out men in general pay more attention to wide arms and chests than women. Also, both sexes have a strange idea about hair. Blonde highlights or time consuming, carefully styled ‘I don’t care’ look ? Really?

What’s your idea of beauty?

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