Your Body Is At Constant War

Life is a constant battle. Work, relationships, suprising events: you’re caught off guard quite often by all of these. It’s hard, right? Well, it’s not all you struggle with everyday! When you’re arguing with your boss or trying to reason with your partner, there is a good chance that in the same time your body fights off other problems so you can go ahead and live your life normally.

Thanks to our immune system, we have no idea how many illnesses we could have get on a daily basis. Do you know how it works? Actually, it has three jobs:

  1. It creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from entering your body.
  2. If a bacteria or virus does get into the body, the immune system tries to detect and eliminate it before it can make itself at home and reproduce.
  3. If the virus or bacteria is able to reproduce and start causing problems, your immune system is in charge of eliminating it.

Moreover, (if it works properly), it never stops or goes to sleep. So your body is fighting all the time. Make sure to treat it nicely, it does a horrendous job for you!

Pictures below have been taken under the microscope so you can see how this process looks up close.

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