The Inevitable “Things that are cheaper than WhatsApp.”

Facebook recently announced it’s acquisition of mobile communications app ‘WhatsApp’ for a crisp $16,000,000 or $19B including restricted stock. While Zuckerberg signed the check the rest of the world gasped in awe at the price-tag for an application that was popular, but seemed pretty average. Well it looks like Facebook knows something we don’t because the acquired price could be used to give drinkable water to the entire planet.

Millions, no billions of theories are floating around the internet attempting to make sense of the questionable deal. One being that Facebook is gobbling up potential threats, that could cripple them in the future if another tech company acquires them. $19B is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. The inevitable Tumblr if now upon us, so check out all the ”Things that are cheaper than WhatsApp.” blog for a good laugh.

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