Scenic wilderness of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. With an area of about 2,717,300 square kilometers, Kazakhstan is more than twice the combined size of the other four Central Asian states, or about twice the size of Alaska.

Some 9.4% of Kazakhstan’s land is mixed prairie and forest or treeless prairie, primarily in the north or in the basin of the Ural River in the west. More than three-quarters of the country, including the entire west and most of the south, is either semidesert (33.2%) or desert (44%). The terrain in these regions is bare, eroded, broken uplands, with sand dunes in the Qizilqum (‘The Red Sands) and Moyunqum deserts, which occupy south-central Kazakhstan. [via]

Travel through Kazakhstan, to Mangyshlak through Ustiurt is a real challenge. It’s a trip that need to be planned precisely and with great care. You need to know all available gas stations, the range of cars, stocks of fuel, food and water. But all the effort and inconvenience of travel compensate views, which cannot be seen anywhere else.

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