Has Banksy Finally Been Revealed? (5 pictures)

For the past week the reclusive street artist Banksy has been dominating the New York City art scene with his mysterious Better Out Than In campaign. New Yorkers can visit an almost unlimited amount of art in the city but each day they eagerly await the revelation of the newest Banksy, which raises an interesting but relevant question, “who the hell is Banksy?”

No one seems to know. And for a guy that got nominated for an Oscar and has sold millions of dollars of art all over the world, it is pretty amazing he has kept his identify a secret this long. Well, it finally looks like someone captured Banksy on camera. With the ubiquity of cell phone cams it was bound to happen eventually. Although the ambiguity of it all has given Banksy more of a legend status. The mystery of exactly who he is was part of the intrigue, his work and clever talent always spoke for itself, especially in this self indulged world of selfies and humble bragging. The blank canvas of banksy’s identity put him on a hierarchy of virtue in that he let his work do the talking.

DailyMail’s alleged photo of Banksy looks similar to the person in the photos captured by @DJJonHenry

DailyMail’s alleged photo of Banksy looks similar to the person in the photos captured by @DJJonHenry

Daily Mail claimed to have a photograph of Banksy over five years ago (above) and published a tell all story about the former public schoolboy from middle class suburbia. It seems that the photos taken by Twitter user @DjJonHenry do a pretty good job of confirming the DailyMail’s photo.

The pictures were taken outside Banksy’s New York warehouse located in Brooklyn’s Red Hook district.

There you have it. Banksy is a middle-aged man from England. Nothing too surprising there. Does this really change anything? Maybe if he was a famous billionaire playboy, whose parents were shot when he was a child, masquerading as a street artist at night we’d all be amazed, but this shouldn’t have too much of an affect. Now we just have an unmemorable face to put with the name. Wait, what the hell does that name even mean?

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