‘Habitathos’ – amazing series of “living art” body painting by Ana Siqueira (9 pictures)

Born and raised in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, Ana Siqueira wanted to develop her art without loosing touch with her interest in people and their stories. She chose, therefore, to have make-up as her medium, using bodies and faces as canvas. She based herself in New York City where make-up is acknowledged as an artistry and the cultural diversity nourishes her with endless artistic inspiration.

Ana atributes her passion for modernist design, minimalism and graphism to her background in Brasília: daily shuffling at the “city-art”, pervading her identity with bits of OscarAthosBurle and Lúcio: lots of concrete, space and lines.

Her goals with Habitathos are to spread the ingenious style of a shy phenomenon of brazilian modern art: Athos Bulcão, as well as to strengthen the connection between make-up and art on popular brazilian view.

For more please visit Habitathos. com

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