“A day at the park” – Comics that say something by Kostas Kiriakakis

Mused is a comic written by Kostas Kirakis. First episode “A day at the park” is a deep and interesting comic discussing the value and effect of questions and answers.

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Mused-park-01 Mused-park-14 Mused-park-18 Mused-park-17 Mused-park-16 Mused-park-15 Mused-park-14 Mused-park-13 Mused-park-12 Mused-park-11 Mused-park-10 Mused-park-09 Mused-park-08 Mused-park-07 Mused-park-06 Mused-park-05 Mused-park-04 Mused-park-03 Mused-park-02

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