The best Badass, Creepy and Emotional short Sci-Fi films from youtube (9 videos)


Vacuity centers around one man trapped in a room in space. Very emotional, but also 13 minutes long.
Feels Rating – 8/10


A goth robot fights other goth robots.
Badass Rating – 8/10


Its like Silence of the Lambs with a robot.
Creepiness Rating – 10/10

The Device

A fun short that demonstrates the phrase “show, not tell” at its best.
Badass Rating – 4/10, but still really good.

The Gate

Although it turns out to be a PSA, The Gate has some really creepy monsters in it, and the message is pretty relevant.
Creepiness Rating – 8/10

The Silent City

A Post-Apocalyptic short that delivers in both the feels and creepiness factor.
Feels – 7/10
Creepiness – 7/10


One of the few shorts on this lists that really needs to be expanded on. Although set in another post-apocolypse the sci-fi element is really cool and unique.
Badass Rating – 8/10
Creepiness Rating – 5/10


Created by the same people who did Tether (Corridor Digital), Prism has a cool future metropolis setting, and solid action sequences.
Badass Rating – 8/10

Bad Mother Fucker

If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend it. A first-person music video to Biting Elbows’ “Bad MotherFucker”.
Badass Rating – 10/10

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