Amazing blackboard adventures of a newborn baby (6 pictures)

Photographer Anna Eftimie and her husband are the duo behind Cute Moments Photography, an award-winning baby photography studio based out of San Jose, California. In a series entitled Blackboard Adventures, Anna imagines what a newborn child may be dreaming of as they lay asleep. She illustrates their dreams on a chalkboard located directly underneath the sleeping beauties.

As per the Facebook album description:

“These are the adventures of a little guy on a blackboard. When we say “little”, we mean it: He was 5 days old in the one with the stork,and three months in the last one. How we did it? Simple! We just made the drawings with real chalk on a real blackboard, like we used to do in school. Then, we took the photos of the baby while sleeping on a soft and warm cloth on the blackboard, right in the middle of his own story. Even though our son looks like sleeping directly on the blackboard, he always had something soft underneath him.”

For more please vistit Cute Moments Photography webpage

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