Amazing world-famous Bellagio Fountain show (15 pictures + 8 videos)

People go to Las Vegas for all sorts of reasons, but everyone wants to see the beloved and world-famous Fountains of Bellagio, the most popular free attraction on the Vegas Strip. Bellagio’s iconic fountains are an engineering marvel, 8 acres of water, nearly 5,000 lights, and a fog system to help set the mood, as 1,200 water-shooting nozzles create a magnificent ballet of dancing fountains choreographed to music.


The amazing Bellagio Fountains are estimated to have cost about $40 million to build. Watching the aquatic extravaganza is “destined to romance your senses.” Photo by Photographersnature



The water truly does seem to dance as oarsmen jets allow for a full range of spherical motion. You might want to arrive about 10 minutes early to secure a good ground level spot as the show can be elbow-to-elbow crowded. Many people claim that the best way to watch the fountain show is from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris, but watching from center court allows you to see, hear and feel the gentle spray of the water. Photo by Bryan Siders



Still stunning, even in black and white. Photo 23 by Stuart Richards



In December 2011, the California-based WET firm added new songs to the show. Wet has been “creating Bellagio fountain extravaganzas since the resort’s 1998 opening.” The music was “chosen by Bellagio executives from a list submitted by WET.” The designers capture “the spirit of the song” and choreograph water and lights “into jaw-dropping Vegas-worthy productions.” Photo by Thomas Hawk



Bellagio hotel has a renowned Conservatory and Botanical Gardens that feature “five seasonal themes: Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.” The “Bellagio has won the AAA Five Diamond Award twelve years in a row, from 2000 to 2012; it was the first Strip hotel to receive the award ten or more times in a row.” Photo by Tim Parkinson



Fountain Silhouettes. Photo by Kevin Harber


Lights, music, capture!! Photo by Mahadevan Iyer



Most famous free show in Las Vegas. You can easily see the layout of musical Fountains of Bellagio during the daytime. “The fountain is formed as a pair of large concentric rings and a long, curved arc, and two smaller circles are attached to the arc near each end. Shooters outline all aspects of the layout, allowing for the arc and circles to rise as columns and curtains of water, as well as providing high-speed chase sequences.” Photo by Kyle McCluer



Panorama. It has been reported that these fountains consume 12 million gallons of water a year. The Bellagio’s 8.5-acre lake holds 22 million gallons and is replenished annually with another 12 million, representing the amount lost to evaporation, leaky pipes or really thirsty ducks. Assuming evaporation is responsible for that entire amount, that would break down to 1,200 gallons lost in each of the roughly 10,000-plus fountain shows performed throughout the year.” Photo by hjjanisch



The photographer wrote, “After coming down from the Eiffel Tower we got to watch one more fountain show, this time looking back toward the Paris.”Photo by Justin Brown



It’s a magical sight, even during the daytime, so there’s little wonder why people make wishes and toss in coins. Photo by Jon Sullivan



The Fountains of Bellagio are on every tourist’s list of attractions to see. The show is set in an 8½-acre man-made lake that is about 1,000 feet (300 m) long and illuminated at night by nearly 5,000 lights. The center circle of nozzles, “extreme shooters,” are capable of shooting water almost 500 feet (460 feet) into the air. Photo by Justin Brown



The photographer wrote, “The fountains at the Bellagio are probably the most impressive sight in Vegas. Hugely entertaining – I could have watched them all night.” Photo by melfoody



The photographer wrote, “For several years visiting Las Vegas I had never ventured up the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel and casino. The view was worth the wait to see the Bellagio Fountains from above.” Photo by Gordon Ednie


Behind the Scenes

Bellagio fountain show | Michael Jackson – Billy Jean

Bellagio fountain show | Hallelujah

Bellagio fountain show | Lee Greenwood “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Bellagio fountain show | Hey Big Spender

Bellagio fountain show | Viva Las Vegas

Bellagio fountain show | Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles

Bellagio fountain show | Titanic theme music

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