War games – digital art by Leo Caillard (8 pictures)

In Newspaper, television, film, the representadon of war is everywhere in our media; never in our everyday life, but brought back from farthest regions of the world. Photographer Leo Caillard in cooperation with 3D artists Elizabeth Sillard and Antoine Mairot decided to put it back in our reality. Leo imagined an income representation of military Vehicules & chose to use an area in Paris known as “La Defense”, a natural location for such a combat. With the long passage of time, the armorment reclines into the scenery.

For more please vistit Leo Caillard webpage

1tank_war_game_1 bateau-def1-rvb master_avion-def1-rvb-1 master_musee-def1-rvb master-porteavion-def1-rvb submarin-def1-rvb toits-def1-cmjn

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