Stunning vertical panoramas of church ceilings (9 pictures)

Richard Silver was born in Brooklyn. When not traveling to exotic places like the Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu or Petra Jordan he calls Manhattan home for over 20 years.

Richard is constantly striving for unique ways of looking at the everyday world. Be it Tilt Shift, Vertical Panorama’s or his new Sliced photos, you are forced to look a bit longer at his work and appreciate the digital artistry of photography. Setting out on a course to explore the entire planet through the lens of his camera, he brings us a world seen anew.

Represented by Yellowkorner an international French based gallery, part of the AT&T Corporate collection and the LaGrange Art Museum’s permanent collection. Winner of the 2010 Fine Art category at Fotoweek DC, Richard has participated in numerous Solo and Group exhibit’s and Art Fairs. Currently working with, Indiewalls, Printedart and StudioEl on the corporate side as well as Tiffany and Co. Books include “Tilt-Shift”ing the World a Staff Pick at Blurb 2010, “Portfolio 9” printed by Yellowkorner in 2012. 

Self taught, Richard has been taking photographs for over 25 years. He has taken classes at the ICP, SVA, Photomanhattan and Laguardia Community College. Background careers include owning a beer distributor, Vice President at a brokerage firm to being a Vice President at one of New York’s premier real estate companies.

For more visit artist’s webpage | behance

Below we presents an amazing series of panoramic churches ceilings created New York photographer Richard Silver, entitled “New York Churches“. Each photo is a vertical panorama composed of 6-10 photos stitched together. Shooting from the pew to the exit door and back again, the dizzying 180-degree view wonderfully captures the intricate detail and design of each church’s ceiling.

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