Tips and tricks for photographers (28 pictures)

Amateur photographers, and even pros can easily benefit from these cheatsheets as it is a resource for fresh and new ideas. We’ve scoured the Web and have found a wide variety of cheatsheets covering various aspects of photography and catering to the many levels of skills and interest of anyone who calls themselves a photographer.

Most of the pictures you see here are cropped for a nice fit, so remember to click on the links to check out the entire cheatsheet or infographic. Some of them are really long and can give you a ton of worthwhile information that you really can’t do without.

action_photography_cheat_sheet aperture best-shutter-speeds-for-every-situation color-temperature cropping-3 depth-field exposure Family_portrait_photography_cheat_sheet-low-res3-1 Focal_length_cheat_sheet focal-length fstop-chart histogram home-lighting-2 landscape_photography_cheat_sheet lightroom macro_photography_cheat_sheet manual-photography mem-card metering-modes-2 photographer-rights photography photography-rules portrait-lighting posing-a shooting-modes-2 viewfinder Wedding_photography_cheat_sheet

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